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"There is no good, nor evil; merely a difference in opinion"
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Wow. The sheer level of utter conceit your OC shows is quite sickening.

And what's with every female falling for him at a moment's notice?

Your art is not completely horrible.. and that is the sole compliment I can possibly fathom to give. You need to do a lot of work.
Do hate to be so rude, and at such late a time but... this is pretty much just the manga, with your character inserted, right?
Tehe, Dark's expression is all like "D:"
Just... just WIN.
There's little more to say but... bloody epic win, end of :)
Don't be so paranoid, nobody even said anything and I didn't even notice it :)

It's not bad, work more on anatomical structure but otherwise yeah, I like.
I'm assuming the red mark is from landing on the floor :)

Meloves this :P
This is damn good :3
Keep it up <3

You ought to continue this :3

QC reference, much? ;3
SightInSound makes a god point indeed :3
Ahh, been so long since I read through here... 'Stanley', tee-hee.
No comments? D=
Oh myy. It's been so long since I first read through this story ^^

I love this, even if the joke may be a little obscure to a fair few :3
...I love this page.

No more to be said.
I loves it, your style is nice too~

Keep going!
Mmm, getting interesting ;3

Looks interesting.
Shall follow :)
Awesomesauce ;]
Kudos and keep up the good work m'dear =3