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Poke My Pikachu
I Go Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! RAWR!
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The first original game board was round, and the pieces still used today such as the dog and iron were random items he found around his house. Also on every board the 4 corners always remain the same
Yay rainbow! :D
:D Yay!
Lol, at least he was walking around with her through the park in the first place I guess xD
O: why is one of the cards a suicide king?
.A. i wanna know the answers to his quesstions
I knew it!! They are among us!
O: Bua... but... who doesn't love Boobs?
O: i cant wait to see what happens next! +sits and waits in suspense +
D: i want a stranger to hand me a wad of cash
i think this page is smexy :3
Feel Betters :]
lol i love that line. what a great way of putting it xD
ha ha ha I love it guys good job so far! xD
I worked really hard on this one, so hope you enjoy it! ^-^
I didnt make multiple layers lol so i messed this one up, but oh well lol