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Yeah I hope to me more active this time round.
New Comic Launched
Well it's been just over a year, hopefully not that long that you have forgotten about this comic. I wasn't 10 % sure when I finished the comic whether I would make more but as time passed I really started to miss doing these. I always had great fun making these and good things have happened as a result of making these so I decided to continue. For some reason the two Koopas really started to grow on me towards the end of the comic and I'm not entirely sure why, so they get their own sequel/spin-off to this comic. It currently has 2 pages done, the first one shown above and the second one over here, where I will continue to post them. So if you're still hanging about go to the new site. I hope to see you there.
I don't think he gets enough credit for having mechanical arms because you have to do that single handedly which is a rather impressive thing to do.
That being said everything he does is impressive.
Wait. Travelling faster than light is impossible, but crushing space is perfectly doable.
How does that work?
This comic has always meant a lot to me. I sometimes hated this comic for all its flaws, but yet I’m grateful for everything I have learned through it. All the things I have done, all the people I’ve met and it has brought me a lot of joy, especially when I needed to be cheered up.

Throughout the years many people have come and gone and I always appreciated everything they did. I always jump for joy and I used to get giddy when I noticed that I had one more fan than I did yesterday. I would started listing names if I wasn’t terrified of leaving people out, but I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for reading the comic. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for putting up with my lazy update schedule. Thank you for swapping affiliated with my comics or even just acknowledging its existence and most importantly thank you for always being so nice and pleasant. Over these years I never had any issues with people being rude or arguing with each other.

I don’t know why I’m getting so nostalgic this isn’t the end really. I’ll still be around Smackjeeves and I’m still making comics. It’s just odd actually finishing this after 4 years.

So at the risk of repeating myself I just want to say one thing.

Thank you.
This comic is rapidly approaching an end only one more comic left. So I hope you enjoyed the ride.

I’m sure I will have more to say tomorrow, but for now just know that I appreciate you reading this comic and am thankful for everybody who has supported this comic in any way. Even by just doing something small like posting a comment.

After the comic ends I will post here announcing any future projects So don’t remove it from your favourites the moments its over.
I can't help but feel that the fanart is overshadowed by the peppers little propeller.
Sometimes I don't know why I bother with sprites when I am capable of producing art of such a high calibre.
Nope, comics ending.
And I get the sprites from
I think the princesses have fired enough lasers to know its importance in home security.
There are more parts coming.
A lot of people are confused on this maybe I should have been clearer.

Bowser is rather simple minded. That and they can really take care of themselves.
Yes I've planned another comic after this one ends. When exactly I will launch it I don't know but I'll post here when it starts.
Comics like this are important to me. They show me that I’ve made lot of progress from when I first started this comic 4 years ago. This site has come a long way since then and deserves to end in a great way because of all the good things it brought me. However the problem with making a comic about two characters like Mario and Luigi is that I can’t really conclude their story. They are not my characters. They will always be collecting power-up and saving princesses. So the only thing I can do for them is give them a nice little break.
I could do that, but I won't.
Perhaps I'm just picky, but I don't understand why Dark Link would take any equipment thrown up by a chicken.
I can assure you, she won't.
Well if RyanMC has taught me only one thing. It is that fading to white and waiting over a year to conclude a story is the best course of action.
Page 200 (including fillers). That's quite a milestone to reach. I never really though I would get this far so many thanks for reading this comic for so long.
Also the layout is finally up and running (took me long enough) so if there are any mistakes in it, let me know.
I have added with an FAQ and bonus comics in which I have uploaded an old series of mine, Diversity. There are also some new links added so if you aren't familiar with any of them go read them.
That speech is good and everything, but knowing them they are going to forget the lines.