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I like tea.
Thanks to a cool cat named poupon, this guy is now named Emile Stein!

There'll be one more page to this interlude on Monday and then we go onto ~*chapter two*~
jrehwkrjew sorry again for the late page! I'm working on the next one now, so it should be up tonight/tomorrow.

You know, this guy... doesn't actually have a name yet. I should get on that.

edit: ....CRAP I JUST NOTICED I FORGOT TO INK IN OWEN'S DINKY LITTLE BANDAID THING hahaha oops what is continuity. I will fix it later.
Sorry for the delayed page! Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday!

You might recognize this guy from a very brief appearance very early in chapter one.

This is a brief interlude between chapters 1 & 2. There'll be things like this occasionally that happen in the time between chapters, since most chapters are divided by location. It'll only last a few pages!

Something cool has appeared! Thanks to wanderindreamr on twitter, Seasons now has a TV Tropes page! jkwhjdhwkjre so UM feel free to edit it!? I have no idea how to use TV Tropes beyond looking series up, and I don't think it'd be very fair for me to add things haha '-';;
edit HAHA I FORGOT TO MENTION that there won't be any updates this week probably because I am focusing on Xmas gifts that I've been putting off. '-';; Updates will resume on Monday!


Chapter one is done! Thanks so much for reading, you guys. I really, really appreciate it.


If you missed it, I posted a page last night, so be sure to go back and read!

And whoa, hey, I finished the first chapter! I was struggling a lot with these last two pages because wrapping things up is hard. I hope it is alright;; I just wanted to get it done finally so I could continue.

Between this chapter and the next, there'll be a small interlude about Owen and Dan, and the introduction of one of the main problems Claire faces. I didn't feel right attaching it to either ch1 or ch2 because it happens in the space between. It only lasts for a few pages!

Thanks again for reading. I'm still trying to figure out this whole comic deal and what I'm comfortable with, so the support means so much to me.
@Malova: He'll show up in the future, but this is the last anyone will see of him for a while, yes!

On that note, after I realized how much people like Calm, I kept feeling guilty because I knew he wouldn't be around much. '-';; Hopefully you guys like the rest of the main cast as much as him!
The last page of this chapter will be up at some point during the day! It's scanned, just need to slap some colours on it, but it is almost 4 AM and I need sleep.

I've been wrestling with these two pages because it's the end of the chapter, and I kept second guessing everything I was doing;; I think it probably shows where I wasn't really feeling it but ah well. I figured it'd be better just to get this page done so I can move on rejhkrewe

I am sure if Calm had the capacity to be properly frustrated, he probably would be with Claire at this point.
@leiseflustern: I had mentioned this in the Author Comments, but as I was scripting this page I couldn't figure out what to put her hair down as! On my screen, she is definitely a ginger, but I knew on others the colours would be different. So I held a small poll on twitter and consensus was either ginger or strawberry blonde, and I went with ginger because that is on my screen as well. :D
@Malova: White hair isn't all that uncommon in this world! So any similarities are coincidence. But then again, I'm not exactly going to talk about any connections there may or may not be between characters, now am I? :D

@Ignis_Graecus: YES! Though Winter is rather androgynous in appearance, which she prefers, haha. :D Thank you! *u*
edit: New page will be up at some point on Tuesday!


Claire and Calm have very different views of what the gods are like. Also WAY TO BE VAGUE, CALM. You jerk.

Originally Summer was going to be going ~*Ladies*~ but whatever, Summer is all inclusive.

Winter is also all inclusive..... IN HER BELLY okay not really, that is terrible

Thank you all for the comments on the last page and on all previous pages as well! I.. I forget to reply to comments, it's really awful. I need to get better about that. But I read them all and I really, really appreciate all the kind words and critiques! It really means a lot.
NEVERRRRR, this was really lovely to read. ;u; I hope you do more comics in the future!
Do you know how many times I drew and redrew Summer and Autumn. The paper was so smudged by the time I finally finished, it is ridiculous. THE DANGERS OF NOT FINALIZING DESIGNS BEFORE YOU DRAW A PAGE.

Originally they had tattoos akin to the ones Calm had which I tend to just use in general, but decided to do some others. I need to tweak the colour of Autumn's a bit, though they are supposed to be considerably lighter than the others at the moment.

Also hey this chapter is ending in a few pages. Crazy!
And now we are getting into the over-arching plot, whoop whoop.

Nothing is ever going to be easy enough, Claire. Ever.
yesterday i had what i think was a back spasm which was and still is extremely painful, so it's hard for me to sit at my desk to finish pages (i'm sitting up in my bed with my laptop right now, which is pretty hard to do also!)

i'm still going to be working on the comic, but just letting you guys know that pages will continue to be late but will be posted. it's just going to take me extra time to finish them.
edit: new page will be up hopefully tomorrow. i have been having a lot of back problems lately and tonight it just completely freaked out, so i can't sit at my desk to finish this page without massive pain. i'm really sorry. i'm hoping my back will be kinder tomorrow.


edit 11/14/11 @ 10:38 PM est - page will be a tad late! i just started taking some medicine for some back problems i am having and i am kind of out of it jwqehkjwq good job, jade


Oh hey, I'm alive.

I'm really sorry about the lack of updates lately. :( This has pretty much been me since the last update. I am so cool jehkrw but I'm feeling better now, so going to get back on this! I'm not real happy with this page since most of it was done while I was feeling gross, but eh, you win some, you lose some!

Sorry again and thanks for your patience.

P.S. I'm on twitter if anyone ever wants it. It's about the only site that I am constantly on! If there is going to be a late page, I always post about it up there before here.
Page is going to be late aaaaa I'm so sorry. Have an old sketch of Winter in the meantime! If you've seen the SJ banner for this comic, you'll probably recognize this as the image for it, haha;;
@jessadilla: Haha, yeahh. I might've been able to draw it out a little! But Claire was never intended to make it outside, so wanted to cut it off soon. XD

@Futon_Dancing: ...OOPS MY BAD. Haha that was my fault! She was supposed to try the window before she had tried the front door, but I had forgotten to draw that in jekwhrwe
edit 10/24 @ 1:10 pm est - Needless to say, the page will be a little late! It should be up sometime tonight.


I didn't want to draw out Calm's whole.. massacre thing because nothing drives me crazier than fights that go on for pages and pages and pages and there's NO HEADWAY.

Also he probably wanted to check out what that suspicious smashing noise and loud cursing was about.

Nothing says True Hero like cutting open your hand while punching open a window.

She'll get better at the protagonist thing later.

And here is the proper Monday update! I need to get back to working on a buffer so I don't have this problem, haha;;
Did you know that I didn't realize that it was the weekend and I totally thought it was still the weekday. I didn't realize that until last night hashwkjkqw oh gosh i am terrible

The sounds that the dragons make are creepy as all get out, but I was having trouble putting an onomatopoeia to it! Ah well. I tried.

Sorry about this way late page tkjrehkjtre and thanks so much for reading and all of the kind comments! You guys are so great. ;u;