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I hope to one day be a colorist/graphic novelist for major comicbook companies like MARVEL, DC, Lucasfilm, or DarkHorse. The comics I will be posting here is only practice for the fun that awaits!

I hope you all enjoy what I have in store and God bless <3

-Suzy Almblade
........................... a.k.a. Chesh

John 3:16 defines my life
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    Suzy Almblade
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Thats a sweet effect! How'd you do that though? o.O
where's my bag


I don't know if this would be a compliment to you or not, but I mean it to be. This comic has the same type of humor as Avatar: the Last Airbender and I'm loving it! 8DD

*goes back to reading*
I just started reading, nice job so far. You've got my interest.
Its been so long. O.O; please don't kill me.
Wrong spell
The one you guys are thinking of is #30 or something called, Red Cannon. This spell is #13. Something I made up.
Sorry for the long wait
I had to concentrate on school.
Hey twin!
Guess what? I saw your banner featured on the front page of Smackjeeves. Guess it pays to have a sub. ^^
To 1998(Guest)
Who's this?
Wait... I recognize that guy! lol. But.. heres a hint. Its NOT Gin Ichimaru.
Oh good.
Looks good so far! The pacing is a bit fast, but interesting.
yes I am. ^^
Very. :D
... takes way too much time. Sorry for the wait guys. I meant to update earlier.
Well done!
I like this! Its like a comic RPG. I won't be joining, but I'll watch it as it develops. Great work guys. :)
Chapter End!
First chapter completed already? O.O Can you believe it? :D
This was a fun page. ^^
Been busy with summer school.