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I am an island.

I like island stuff.
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Oh shit I forgot I was an author here and I can see all of the pages all of the time~
>C: Flip your shit as you fall to the ground.
>DTF: Fuhget this garbage. You got a mystery to get to da bottom of.
>DTF: Huge papers and then read victim.
...Chip has been thrust into a world of pirates, left by his lonesome to discover the various secrets and mysteries that plague Food Network. After robbing a man of his hat and learning to wear it, Chip begins his wacky adventure.

After barely surviving an onslaught by a pepper imp, Chip proceeds to steal and eat all of the candy from the Confectionery Barrel. In an attempt to regain his honour, Chip accidentally kills an officer of the law and is promptly arrested.

He is sent to the highest security prison in all of Seaside City, where the local sergeant shows Chip his shitty self-made history book. Soon afterwards, Chip accidentally kills another prisoner and is subdued by guards. In a fit of bravery, Chip escapes and begins his ascent up the large prison-tower-thing.

Upon arriving to floor two, Chip frees a few fellow prisoners, whom agree to help in his escape. After killing a few more guards and changing his class to BOOLET WALRUS, Chip is thrust into the fourth floor where he finds a large imprisoned dragon.

Enter Deputy Tofu, I rock-em sock-em go-getter with a slight southern twang. Tofu is constantly barraged with visions of the future, and has created a puppet replica of one of his more common visions.

Soon, he hears a knocking on his television and promptly begins to rearrange his bookshelf. After his television mysteriously explodes, he ventures outside of his office and notices a blood trail coming from the Constable's room, where our story now unfolds.
It is too horrible to know.

But I hear it smells very pretty.

You know what you should do?
30 is fucking old. everyone over 30 should live in a retirement home.
I'd tap it.
February 2nd, 2011
>DTF: Cruise around town like the cool mother fucker you are.

Oh my god.
I knew this is what it'd all lead up to.

Cool bro, bro.
>DTF: Throw books out door and retrieve hat.