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I bet the dogs just want to play...right? And shame on Mina for not regularly patrolling her borders! Shame!
I love Drake's expression.
Is it a return of the crows, Death and Taxes? And sleeve fish!
At least the horse will take his cool coat! Have to protect the coat at all costs!
Just found this comic today, and I love it! Can't wait for the next page.
Teddy with a backbone. I like it! You tell the mean dragon!
Aw! Drake is showing those pesky *feelings* again!
Ooooooh, awesomely drawn!
Eeeeeeee! Kokopelli! My favorite, and not just because he's a male flute player who gets all the girls. Okay, so maybe that's why I started playing the flute.

The only thing that could make Kokopelli any cooler is if he had his own, personal sleeve fish.
Oooooooooh, more fish! YAY!
February 25th, 2013
YAY! Story Time! And I missed commenting on last update. *is getting slow* I love the perspective of this update. Very nifty.
February 13th, 2013
AUGH! NO! Anything but *shudders* feelings!

Hehe. I can just imagine how Drake is feeling right now.

As for a horse commission, I'd rather like one of the third mini Kholwa on this page here: He's a palomino pinto, but generally he's more of a dirty-white look. I might be able to get some better pictures. I KNOW I have them somewhere, just not on my computer. Always the way, right?
I would be serious about a horse!

Drake really does have a creepy look. Poor Joan, being lied to!
If you did commissions, I would totally go for one of your horses. I love how you draw them.
December 24th, 2012
Poor girl. Just glad Drake seems to be taking care of her. How heroic.
November 19th, 2012
Still say if the Fire God was so powerful, he'd break the enchantment himself. Just sayin!
I think the ending is totally in character for a more mature and worldly Drake. He WOULD put himself into the situation, and he wouldn't really want someone else to go through it the way he did. Even though I do have the feeling things are going to come back and bite him in the rump. But, hey, he's a dragon, he's prolly got a scaly hard-to-bite rump.
That last panel...speechless. I'd sure hate to see that when I've got someone with an axe standing over me!
I SO wish we could see Drake's face as he's saying he wins. I can only imagine the cocky grin.
September 6th, 2012
WHOOT! Go for the headbutt!