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To Solara
Trust me you do not want to know
character name:Sixer
abilities:Control Time
bio:He was born in a underground cavearn witch got blone up Sixer maneged to get out with his bro.Sixer and his bro (called Tro)Tro And Sixer got saw by a helicopter.Tro Teleported Sixer a iland ,he met a bunch of villegers that kept him.Well Tro is still alive somewhere.Sixer has been looking Tro all the time but cant find him.Sixer's misson is to find pro.Sixer will help anyone that needs help.

hey people what's the new plot on this comic?!
Blades still grounded
To rarhq2
used to be
how's this spirte?
hell soon have new form
to naruto_numb
you want be able to to see any more work of mine, Blde's and Electro
all my comics are dead because im grounded from the pc for a year
can my new Cha Be in it (note hes name is Bloodstar) ixer/

(spirtes not done)
its frosen blood all over his gloves (should i call him Bloodshot)
if anyone (u dont have to be an Author) wants music on the Music Tab just ask me and send the link. (has to be a youtube video)
probaly...i guess it does kinda looks like him...
To Blade

Sixer Says:im cheating on my girl