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The blessing is very pretty.
I remember the kiss. Thanks for the update!
Very nice exposition. Nice phrases.

As for the minor detail of grammar, it appears that previous comments covered a good deal. There were still some things that caught my eye, however:

The word "environment" should be plural in the third panel, to generalize the concept:
"... orchids are durable flowers that can withstand harsh environments".

Third panel, second paragraph. The pronoun "it" should be "them" as it refers to a plural antecedent:
"And some can bloom beautifully even when you plant them..."

Final panel, first paragraph. There is a repeat pronoun. One of the instances of "him" should probably be dropped.
"... the doctors said it would take several months for him to recover."
"... it would take him several months to recover."

I agree that "taught" is used properly, although "would teach" works as well. I too think the spelling in "catalogue" is acceptable and also believe it to be British.
Wow, the story is getting even more neat. :-)
Any grammatical errors present are quite minor and subject to dispute. At any rate, I really love your comic, and think your English is quite good. :-)

I'm no grammar expert, by the way, so I welcome critiques, contrariwise, of my critiques.

Here are my thoughts:

1) In panel 4, you use the phrase "to conscious level" at one point and later the phrase "at the conscious level". I think the second example sounds more natural because of the use of "the". I speculate that the first example sounds something like "go to code red", in which "code red" is more of a unit idea and the use is contextually more terse.

2) In panel 5, you wrote, "I will be forced to push you down further to the subconscious level", which makes it sound like Unbi is not yet at the subconscious level. You might write, "futher down into the ...", or perhaps, "deeper into the ... ".

3) In panel 6, the phrase "I do not require to be" sounds really strange because of the infinitive used as a noun. If you substitute "need" for "require", it will work, though. If you still want to use "require", you should use some noun, maybe something like "I do not require access at the conscious level ..."?
Pretty effects.
Ooh, I wonder what expression Drake will be wearing when he realizes the staff got taken. Extra seriousness? Chagrin? Humor? Btw, I like the way the gloomy forest looks in this page.
April 26th, 2007
Whoa, it updated. Cool!
I really like the mayor too. I was wondering where he was for most of the first part of the fight. So I'm glad he's living, as well.

I wonder what percentage of the town's youth were part of the mob... There are going to be stories about this event for a long time, I bet.
I really feel sorry for the villagers, and for the vampire for when he realizes what he's done... This isn't going to help him adapt to what's been done to him.

* has to go back and try to figure out again what happened to Fitz's dad.

* feels bad about Lucy as well, and Fitz, of course, who was ... not exactly well-meaning, but points for trying...
I really like how Mervin looks, especially the different shadings and as always, your use of lines. The change is very vivid and has great presence.

As for the Princess, I actually was more affected by other pictures of her. I think her being next to Mervin overshadows her a bit. Still pretty though.

Nice page :-)
Hm... the list on the link page doesn't include Ghost Hunters... I'm not sure if the link has been posted anywhere in the comments, and I guess you're not updating it anymore, but it is pretty neat.

To quote Asimov: "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

I'm wondering how long it took the kids to think about whether there were ... alternatives.

Warning: I'm about to spout philosophy. :-)

I tend to think about violence somewhat in a form relevant to Hagakure: "This is the substance of the Way of the samurai. If by setting one's heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he gains freedom in the Way. His whole life will be without blame, and he will succeed in his calling." (Hagakure by Tsunetomo)

But the point is that in a way, the truest samurai is not one who kills others, but oneself. In this sense, violence refers to a deeper transformation of oneself, not by causing harm but by seeing beyond to being free of one's distractions/desires/and logics. So yes, there is room for "violence" to alter a person, but this is a totally different kind of violence than beating someone else into submission. It is the imitation of death that frees the bird, for those who know the story about the Buddhist in China.

Well, that's one of my thoughts, I usually have diverse opinions on a given topic...
About the beating... I'm not so sure that it was caring.

There's way too little information to understand the motives fully. How do we know they were beating him merely for the stated reason, when they could also just have despised him, been acting on some gang rules about some minor drug, etc.?

Also, I'm not sure that beating is going to help all that much, depending on the drugs and amount of usage: I expect it will only lower the kid's self-esteem more. If they were a gang or something, perhaps they could offer long-term influence over him, and even negative feedback might help, but we don't have any assurance they can work to counter his desires over time. Only that they hurt him a great deal.

Even if that takes him away from whatever supposed drugs, it would have been based upon weakness (his avoidance of pain), not a building of strength (his overcoming temptation), wouldn't it? Hence, I am not sure I see mercy even with the given reason and even supposing success.
The hammer
I really love your art! Both this and the old Ghost Hunters comic. I'm not an artist myself, but I really like your way of using lines and curves, in particular, plus there's something intangible about your drawing.

Shojo_Sanzo: I think he got the hammer from that strange morphing energy-orb thing he has: The Konn crystal.