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Hi, I'm Aspen. Paint Spriter.
Trade mark is my white hair, and a black feather.
Am I male, I could be, am I female, could be, ZachLight is an alias.
I find my self constantly bored and in need of activity, I sprite when I feel like it.
Job: Slacker.
I am a neutral party, I'll not side till the final verdict.
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Sorry this one took longer. I had a vacation and just wanted to chill.
Next comic soon (took last week off for vacation. I work better on comics when
Quick fix. @_@ And of course even the fix isn't better either. DAMN YOU BRAIN, 6 years later and your already trying to screw me over again!
Cause let's be honest, the last one is kinda...mucky. Also, I had a realization.. It's TECHNICALLY supposed to be a 'heptagon', but it's not as catchy, and technically since Sonic is at the center, it just makes more sense to be a hexagon..... So...hah. <XD
For those of you wondering, All sprites will have a reason to them. (at least in the style concerning Gen and Advanced.)
Also, there was to be text in the little screen, but then it would be crowded, so I'll just give you a summary here.

Sally: And that's are next plan to try and push back Eggman's forces and reclaim some of the land.


Bonus points to anyone who guesses what the books about.
@kinny-man: Nein. Unless the story has it where characters fall out of love. Then only then, but that's a long time coming.
This leaves us with the ability to have other people come around into the comic, thanks to sonic forces. I'm also gonna work on 'my' character(s) that was part of the resistance. But they won't be a real focus. From here on out, though, the comic will probably update bi-weekly.
And so, we begin again. This time, with a much bigger and better story.
The new banner! It's not the best thing around, but it'll work.
Sonic's Love Hexagon: Redux

A complete, and new remake of this comic.

The original comic, as stated in the news, had no real direction when first made, but now, it will. And it'll have a brand new start.. and instead of Mina-Mongoose, I think it was better if we gave Nicole a spot. Though she's limited, I thought she might add something new..

I'll also be taking up a poll, if people would prefer 'Advanced' Sprites, or "Genesis' Sprites. Do note that some data in genesis will make it more difficult to actually have certain characters in this. (namely Nichole and Tailsko to a degree), but advanced is quick, but isn't as eye-catching (Not to mention I have more options.). Let me know what you all think. The comic will soon be 'completed' and I will make the new comic.
A return will come again. If anyone still reads this, or is an old spriter, why not have a little fun again?
More so a real life friend, but we both had our characters..
So who wants to get FLCL up here?
International Business College was not worth it.
Well, Ionic, she only has to eat something immune to lava... Like a fire pokemon that can swim in said lava... and there you go.
So yeah, Maxine can eat inanimate things (rocks, metal) and gain a temporary boost to her abilities, be it thicker/stronger bones, or 'liquid metal' skin. She can eat most forms of deadly things, spikes, poisons, due to her ability, and have no ill effects. If she eats something live, it becomes her powers. (so say she eats a blastoise...well, she can grow canons out of her back...though we won't go to far into this..)
Love how we had similar kinda concepts for our characters appreciating what we did, even if there were hardships.
-That blur in Maxine's text bubble is intentional.