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Hi, I'm Aspen. Paint Spriter.
Trade mark is my white hair, and a black feather.
Am I male, I could be, am I female, could be, ZachLight is an alias.
I find my self constantly bored and in need of activity, I sprite when I feel like it.
Job: Slacker.
I am a neutral party, I'll not side till the final verdict.
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I thought it would be interesting if Nicole acts as a communication device when her digi-struct is formed. So her eye color changes depending on who's talking. In case anyone was wondering what was going on.
New comics monday and tuesday.
By 'Two Tailed' Thing, Tails suggests her puberty was late because of her two tails.
And now we meet the first of the group.
two updates next week due to none this week.
-Inb4 anyone says it's tailsko, it's getting there, sush.-
@smatilofy: Well, given the prologue, maybe?
No, it's not amnesia! I won't pull that card again.. at least not this early <XD
I'll usually keep these at a low. Once every chapter or three. So don't worry, they won't be frequent! I'll update properly soon.
@JovanW: Oh, there's going to be kissing, but that's loooooooong down the road. There's got to be blood and sweat first. ;3 enjoy reading.
@JovanW: Though it's not usually shown, it is said that Sonic at least cares about Amy. Though it may not be romantic feeling's in general, he does show a sort of 'will they, won't they' kinda thing. Sonic, in at least, Boom, has shown SOME attraction to Amy, albeit, it's very little. And in other cartoons, she isn't usually around, though they did share some tender moments in Sonic X. Video games are kinda up in the air. Archie Comics tried, and there's sorta hints of it in the new comic by IDS or whatever they're called. So it's got grounds. The romantic side of this comic will have grounds where Amy will try harder then her 'fan-girl' self to win him over.
If anyone's curious, Sonic is wearing a life-jacket.
The Prologue was a bit rushed, I admit, but I wanted to get to the real meat of the story. I've slowed down on my production of this comic due to work kicking my ass, and leaving me very tired through out the day, so bare in mind that when I uppload, it's when I can.
@Shard: ...Fuckin >.<
Sorry this one is so late. Work was kicking my ass the last two weeks.
Day late, and just slightly lazy... The prologue is just finishing up. About 2-3 pages left.
For those of you wondering why everything looks all bulgy or off place. I tried to pull the effect of 'heat' at the area, giving that the area is supposed to be really hot. Probably won't next time.. Wish had a smudge tool..
Sorry this one took longer. I had a vacation and just wanted to chill.