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Hi, I'm ZachLight. Paint Spriter.
Trade mark is my white hair, and a black feather.
Am I male, I could be, am I female, could be, ZachLight is an alias.
I find my self constantly bored and in need of activity, I sprite when I feel like it.
Job: Slacker.
I am a neutral party, I'll not side till the final verdict.
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More so a real life friend, but we both had our characters..
So who wants to get FLCL up here?
International Business College was not worth it.
Well, Ionic, she only has to eat something immune to lava... Like a fire pokemon that can swim in said lava... and there you go.
So yeah, Maxine can eat inanimate things (rocks, metal) and gain a temporary boost to her abilities, be it thicker/stronger bones, or 'liquid metal' skin. She can eat most forms of deadly things, spikes, poisons, due to her ability, and have no ill effects. If she eats something live, it becomes her powers. (so say she eats a blastoise...well, she can grow canons out of her back...though we won't go to far into this..)
Love how we had similar kinda concepts for our characters appreciating what we did, even if there were hardships.
-That blur in Maxine's text bubble is intentional.
What the? HEY! My planet is named Gaia too...
He hopefully will look over the side and say "Please be ok." so we may have one pissed gyarados...who will at least cool it when seeing atty.
This really isn't a 'save the planet''s just honest opinion.
Perhaps the splash that this carp does will be the godly one that is the ultimate one hit kill...The splash that's the .00000001% chance of happening..
Ou, a burst gem perhaps? o3o
Well.. I wrote it.. :I
question much does she know about Kinny and Z... kinny pretty straight forward at least..
Hehehehe.....I wonder if she could handle Z's secrets....He probably already knows Kinnys...
I go on a business trip to h-..and I see things happen. <XD
Either or, still cute in their own waw. Hmmm....Kinny, you better keep that gender ray out of this!
Don't make anymore of those.
Regarding the removed comic page. Fucking stop it. I've seen those comics made time and time again, and I get tired of someone, who's not an owner of said comic, put a 'It's dead and done' page. Stop making them, or you can get the boot. Just because we have a hiatus cause of life, be it work, vacations, school, or otherwise, doesn't mean you should post a comic like that. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but just don't do it anymore.
Deep in the bowels of the hotel, the anchor boils, ready to burst...
Oh god..can't you leave the cleaning to the one who's been cleaning forever!