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Say whaaaaat?? After 4 years we have a new strip?!? it's a bit late as I've been meaning to post this Halloween special for a couple of years now! (hence the title... lol)

(If you're wondering where strip 26 and 27 are, well, you can find them exclusively in the printed collection "Week Daze: Volume 1" on sale now!)
Nope, not in America. Im from South Africa where we drive on the correct side of the road... :-P
Well I finally got one done! Woot. I was gonna wait to post this but thought "naaah"! We've all waited long enough!
Please check the official site for updates on why Im taking so long...
Heh, new one...
Ok so it has been long since the last update and I apologise but I have had a pretty hectic month with freelance work so unfortunately bills had to come first.

But here is another installment! Ive introduced another one of the studio's staff members, say hello to Scoop! Whatchaaa!
If you're referring to "Sematary" that's how it is spelt apparently... lol
Yup, Garfield and coffee gags for the win!
It is a Cobra T-Shirt... ;-)