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God. Adrian is so cute. The guy next to David is totally cool too.

Poor Carter is going to get smashed and do something stupid he'll regret, right? *hopeful* xD
I love Jason. xD He's an awesome friend, really. Tells it like it is.

not. XD But... he's still hilarious.
Haha I love this page. The last panel is wonderful. I can't wait to see if Maria being there goes anywhere... or if something relating this party and Adrian happens. xDD God this comic makes me cry laughing sometimes.
I didn't realize there were offensive condoms. This comic is entertaining AND informative. xD Carter's face is so sad though. I hope Adrian comes and cute stuff happens. Or something. Can't wait for the xmas special~
I love his best friend. xD I can't wait to see what'll happen at this total bro party. Hmmm.
Your livestream reminded me to comment
cuz I haven't yet xD

Anywaysss I found ARH through... oh yeah HamletMachine and I must say I was hooked immediately. It's cute and not all about sex or dicks and both the storyline and plot is amazing. I love it and sorry for not commenting earlier. Adrian is so adorable and cute and Carter is... well, hilarious and horny yet still sweet. Can't wait to see where this bro party leads. <3
Too... much... adorableness~! Overload! xDD Oh oh so excited for next page =3
I'm so glad you're continuing this comic... I really love it~ I didn't even know you'd continued it this year until I saw the chapter four cover on your deviant. xD I can't wait for more! This is just so interesting, funny, and cute. ^^
September 26th, 2010
He's so cute. :3
And that magical circle summon thing-y is cool. The thing that makes the "WIIZ" sound. It's awesome. xD
I should follow suit and sleep as well... but first, let me tell you I adore Shira's expression~! and Haru's crying face is so cute. xD
Whoa, Taka's such a nice friend! He's so sweet. ^^ I truly can't predict Shira's thoughts at all... Guess I'll soon find out~! Yay~
I don't feel sorry for her. If their roles were reversed and she was the one being pressured to do things, I'd have understood the punching. XD I mean come on, look at how scared and adorable he looked! I really want to see Shira's response... and then what happens with them. :) So excited~!
I don't think that's embarrassing at all! It's great, actually. Shira will be his first~ xD I really want them to get together now. I just can't wait to see their next encounter... and a blushing Haru when his feelings are realized! ^^
September 1st, 2010
It's Rad, isn't it? It is, it is, right? =D Now I'm not sure if you're up for this... but if you wanna throw in some [read: lots] of BL go ahead. That would only make this a thousand times better. I mean, guns, ghosts, AND delicious boys lovin on each other? What could be better? xD
Either way, this is still mad interesting. I just love Grave.
Kya~!!! Secret time! XDD Wait, but... Wha-what? Shouldn't you be more 'oh noes... I kinda wanted his affection to be real...' Shira? I can't wait til he realizes the truth. ^^
Ooooh, Rad? Even his name is amazing. I can't wait~! Maybe he'll save Grave and I can be all fangirly! Or maybe... you know what, I'd love this no matter what.
Oh and that expression at the bottom... that is shear panic and fear on his face. *happy* xD
Shira's face in the bottom panel is awesome. I wonder what will happen the next time he comes face to face with Haru. xD Oh, and I can't wait for Taka's seme to show up! That side story is going to be great~
Wow, Grave kicks ghost butt~ Now I want to know why that is. xD
OMG Please do a side story with Taka! That would be so great~!
Anyway, I can't believe Shira found out! Oh no, time for misunderstandings and feeling-figuring out, right? *so excited* xD
Excited for school? I wish I felt an inkling of that excitement. Then maybe I wouldn't be full of awful dread. xD

Anyway, I'm so hyped up for the next page. This is so suspenseful and Grave's face is so cute even when he's like OHGODWHATAMIGONNADO. I also can't wait for explanations though because I'm quite slow. xD
Oh yeah, run Grave, run!