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Congrats :D I wish the best for you and this comic as it goes on, its too well done for it not to go places.
compressing that is gonna be a problem~
June 25th, 2015
Scared of things you don't know anything about? He isn't a lost cause then.
I honestly hope he lets him go,then again the chapters name is killing spree so...
April 23rd, 2015
As curious as Loke right now about Feadourche that and his small hands.
April 1st, 2015
Im glad this story is back up.
Do you still have the old version of this story or are you scrapping it for a complete redo?
February 21st, 2015
Teivel is obviously as crazy as curly or even more so. Noble men who get their knickers in a twist over the wrong words are very dangerous...
The colors look great on this canvas the colors are more vibrant.
January 28th, 2015
Your not safe yet Loke don't you know how these things go?
Im kinda excited for what happens next :o
January 13th, 2015
woah hes scary :o
December 19th, 2014
He gets away with everything.I like the way you fill in the panels it dosen't feel too empty...
December 13th, 2014
Spies I tell you!-There SPIES!
November 28th, 2014
They actually care about Justice? Guess we're on the right side.
October 14th, 2014
I don't know for some reason pages like this make me notice how much I like Ferdouche. I usually don't like know it alls, but you know he dosent seem like a man without reason.

I cant really tell whether the two have already developed some sense of trust Im sure Ill see in time.
Completely burst out laughing when I saw this. Since the difference in power was just put out there, I gotta admit I didn't expect this.
September 28th, 2014
What has happened exactly?

I have to say getting a update from this story is the highlight of my week.
September 11th, 2014
Hoping this guy ain't a crook he looks shady y'know? The type of guy that cuts deals.
September 2nd, 2014
dudebro. . . -Hugs-
August 29th, 2014
Im going to make assumptions and guess curly has good manners? From his past? idk.