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I like pie food link games wolves sonic mega man pikman blaa sprite comics power point bare feet cake desserts mashed poatoes D&D
and bad grammer?!,
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Do you think cream could kill some one with it?
Cream killed knuckels
is that little knife thing a dagger or something? a couldn't tell so I just assumed
I probably should have said something about knux and the master emerald
no the fourth wall, yes this has something to do with the plot line... I skipped something but oh well back to the month of randomness
August 21st, 2009
is this
is this the stuff readers like? vote please.. this really did not happen lots of the events on random month did not happen so go wild!
snare does have her own lazzah
Allright pepole
The radomness begins for a month post radom stuff dragon flare any one else pm me about it who wants to post random stuff!
I have been looking at my most popular comics apparently my best one is a filler mabey I should make a comic called snares filler house
O NoooZe
did anyone in sonic use almond yet I forgot the bunnies names vinilla is the mom cheese is the chao couldent think of a better name sorry
nooo i cuaght uppp! waaa wa aw sniffles!
i made this before i even thought of snare i no its bad
is my avatar not showing up......censor shucks... sorry about slow updates m dad got bithrday i just managed to get sick and I still don't know how to make brownies
notice red eyes!
flare what is the filler about????
i need i new avatar....
try shooting it! noo my site traffic goes boom
mabey i guess it looks like a spam cooki from toads cookies (no sence)
It is isnt it
cookies is a very motivatienlal word I have issius spelling today. Take guesses with what the deity is!
I know that i have sheos but right now i am not wearing them. Snare really should know this the dj yoshi was right png do look better