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Once I went to the hospital after snorting an eraser
you boys should know better than to get into a kerfuffle near an open window several stories from the ground
TED is back yo

don't forget that CT is nominated for best sci-fi and best custom template!
@AlaskaTaylor: More or less, but with a little bit more deadly futuristic technology.

@tomboi53: I think TED has some pretty sweet moves, even though he'd never admit it.
Some very excellent comics here.
would totally buy stickers of that last panel. sew perfect
just binged through this and i have to say
your characters

also nice pit hair on the porn bro
I missed drawing Felix. We'll be seeing plenty of him from now on though.

Also, thanks to everyone who nominated Curious Travels, because it's in the SJ awards again this year, for Best Sci-Fi and Best Custom Template! Feel free to go vote for it and stuff if you want to or don't I mean I won't force you to do anything
@ThisNameBetterBeNotTaken: You have disgraced your family you are not welcome here go home and think about what you have done

@Fozzymillow: Basically me all day every day
Elliot! Remember him? No? Okay.
And now you know Sophie's last name. Coooool.
@TerminalMontage: Oh, wow, thanks! That totally means a lot coming from someone as rad as you.
I just finished catching up with all the pages I've missed and now I remember why this is one of my favorite comics on SJ. ilu
The alt text, holy shit. I laughed a lot louder than I should have.
A bit more washed out than usual this time, huh?
@eishiya: Ah! Thank you. Done.
How exciting!
Are you excited?
I'm excited.
@eishiya: Who said it was 1895 this time? You should still be excite though.

@Profanity00: She's not, but if I were a helpless young lady wandering the streets while a madman is running about killing ladies of the night, I'd be a bit ill at ease, no?
Next page is the end of the chapter! Stay tuned yo
@eishiya: Haha, if you like! Felix's fashion sense is pretty enviable. And I'd like to avoid any glaring anachronisms so it's okay if you point them out, but this happens to be a particularly memorable murderer~

@Harrow: hahahahdsiomg she climbed out and stuck her head back in. that was a good comment.

@Profanity00: GOD PIERCE SPOILERS no i mean what no i don't know what you're talking about

@eishiya: Ah, haha, the screw...I think I'll let that slide. But it's a barred window, not an air vent.

@willburgplz: It really HOLDS everything together. It might come into play in a major TWIST.
sounds like an adventure to me
@eishiya: I like to imagine that he has a a wardrobe filled with checkered waistcoats. They are the secret to his genius.
shit just got real
@MacSimon: Felix was quite a looker in the pre-time warp days I suppose
Dialogue! So much dialogue! It might be an occupancy hazard!
@eishiya: Yeah, you've got a point. She'd at least recognize that she's not from the UK, so chalk it up to a good guess. And I knoooow, I gotta see if I can work that out.

@willburgplz: I think what eishiya means is that although Sophie would have a clear non-English accent, a late-nineteenth century American accent would sound completely different from a late-twentieth century American accent and therefore be unrecognizable. BUT WHATEVER MAN I ONLY SPEAK AMERICAN ANYWAY FUCK YEAH

@CageyKay: That works too.
Wow, Piperka seems really useful! I just submitted CT. Now I have no excuse to neglect my webcomics, hurr
Wham! Update! Stickin' it to the man!
Is that a new character? Maybe? HOW EXCITING

Also, if you haven't liked Curious Travels on Facebook, maybe you should. Because Facebook is the objective arbiter of truth, and if you don't like something on Facebook, you don't like it at all.
@willburgplz: YOU HAVE A NEW ACCOUNT AGAIN WUT and yeah i guess the end of the world really is coming if i updated this quickly

@eishiya: I guess Mrs. Dumple isn't clever enough to think of that, which is probably why she's stuck running an orphanage.

@Ultima527: All the starving, sickly children are just out of sight.
Uh...this page is boring.
@eishiya: Alas, I stand corrected.
This is so cute! I really love the art style and you've got a great story going so far.