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Because I can.
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About that Preview Window.

Del, I think you're a furry.
whats a g.b.a
It's Gata Catchem' All.
It's a popular comic among a certain fanbase, clearly you should read it and enjoy it. Hell, it's even made by -insert author you enjoy here-, the most famous person like- EVER. I mean, if you don't like a sprite comic by -Insert author of choice here- you must be completely insane or jelly. Don't know what the actual fuck they're refrencing in that comic? Well too bad.


But really, if you never seen anything about Digimon, than you're probably going to feel a bit out of place. I personally feel as if it's more for nostalgic purposes. Sure there is the story and jokes, but it's still based of Digimon. But if you always want, you can give it a try. Maybe you'll get passed all of digimon stuff and like it for whatever else it has to offer. Last time I read it though, it was a shitton of special effects and digimon action scenes. Cool and all, but wasn't my taste.

You could have also told him to watch whichever season this digimon guy came from. Unless that season is shit than I'd understand.

Anyways, shit ton of not needed special effects all smashed up into one comic. I feel as if you're trying to make some swiping pose, but it lacks a generic X slash, and the giant light blurring from the middle of it is random as fuck.
Apparently I did actually make more sprites than one. I had this done a while ago, but decided to post them now because shits and giggles.

So I would love for some comments, C+C or whatever they say, things I should work on, what tips your fancy so I can work on some more of that later, etc.

Duh hello?
I wish I got as many comments as Shard does

They had one hell of a point when it came to the backstory, traits, and special powers.

You should really focus on that.

I personally was never a fan of V5, no hate intended, and not really a fan of this one either.

I want to make this fast, so here we go.
-The hair looks like knuckles. Lolwut? The way it bends is all curazy. I think I see what you're trying to do with it though. Work on it, you're close but no dice. Work with the top left of your hair, that's making the characters head quite big.
-The front hair is all crazy like. As in, all over the place. And than the hair stems into the middle of her eyes? That makes no sense.
-The mouth seems odd. Like, you were going to made the view point of the head different, than suddenly 3D? In general though the nose is odd. Move the air up and the nose more out?
-Body is fine I guess, not sure why your characters chest is being puffed out in the most manly way possible though.
-The bottom part was fine..But than we come to the shoes. I don't get exactly what you're trying to do. Are they flipflops? Boots? I feel you tried to go too unique and it started to clash.

for V5..
The hair did look off. If you want legit comments on the sprite itself, the hair isn't shaded that great. The tail is upsidedown. The ear is like 'What.' and learns forward like hell, but that may just be the view of the sprite.

Take my comments how you like.
Not sure if it's supposed to represent Desmond, buuut if it is, you're missing the sling pack
The real question everyone is wondering is 'Why is Soap not cleaning that ship?'

The answer to that is he's probably sleeping in a closet somewhere.
It's name could be I.F., you know, standing for something like INTELLIGENT-FLYING-EROTICALLY-PROGRAMMED-HEY-SHUT-UP-NOBODY-CARES FRIENDMIGO.
Miiight have been the tolerance.
And by might I mean probably.

I expect Paint.Net to run like photoshop, so I have one hell of a time working with it.

Trying to go for that futuristic poof style of some sort, than throw it on the stereotypical janitors uniform. Also has no shirt underneath his jacket for extra pirate and argh and stuff.

I might post the rest of my sheet stuff, but I also might just save it and reveal it as the comics go. Dunno, depends when Z gets back to me, and on what info.
So, I was going to make him with pirate hat and all.
But than I decided just go give Soap a janitors shirt with that white puffy that goes at the end of collars on jackets.

Than I realized my original arm pose for him didn't work with the puff.

So I created a new one.

Than 2 days later I decided I was going to post this image.

So I got a standing pose, than put it on a pink background so I could take it to Paint.Net and make the background clear.

Than when got the magic wand tool, apparently white and grey = Pink, so it tried to remove Soap's face and his puffs.

So I said fuck it and posted this image as you see it with a pink background labeled "Butts."

Than I was so distracted writing this comment I forgot to post the picture.

So I went back and reposted the picture, than edited this comment.

I hate Any alternative recommendations that is free? (Oh and comment, rate, tell me what you think of the sprite etc.)
Old Yamataro was fat before he went to bootcamp and got skinny.
That's what he's really trying to say with this image.
Row row row your flying boat?
Because they did it in Bleach so it must be possible.
Not gonna lie, because of that wing placement, it looks like the front of the boat is going to be leaning down.

Basically the log is going to be flying sideways/at a angle.
Even though it would be fun to save Gata in week to week crazy shenanigans, I think i'd rather join Zman and have Soap become the ships janitor.
Well, look at it from a distance. Like back up from your computer and stuff. If you're far enough, it's going to start looking like things are meshing together. The pants and gloves start to blend, the face itself starts to blend due to the lack of contract, and quite frankly I can't even see the glasses or headband from a distance, so maybe remove those so it allows you to focus more on the contract of light for the face? Because again, from a distance as someone pointed out, it looks like eye liner.

Same can start to go for the tail, at a distance it begins to lack contrast, so it starts to blend in with the arm.

Up close it's not as bad, but from a distance things are just meshing too much.
Your small Jpeg images stand no chance against my Water Veil.
Aww Eddi, you disappoint me. Your tactics are so lackluster now.

I expect better from you.
Really, is that out of fad now?
Isn't that a shame.

The evidence makes it mad suspicious though.