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Hehe, a derpy girl with way too much shit to do. :D
Haha! My friends nickname for me is the swedish word for cookie. XD
Interesting and slightly awesome coincidence. C:
Super arorable sexy sequel coming up soon? :3
I love this comic so much. <3
It's adorable.
And I love Ariels hair. :D Seriously, the way you draw it is just so PRETTYFUL. <33 I'm so envious of your drawing skillz. C:
Those caterpies are ADORABLE. I want one. D:
Atty don't you dare step on them!
D8 WAAAAAAAAAANT!!!! I hate being poor!!
January 31st, 2010
OHMYGAWD This comic is so AWESOME! 8D I just read the whole thing from the beginning and I totally LOVE IT! ^^
Happy birthday! :3 And awesome page! ^^ I'm not sure if Tommy's cooking will taste good to non-airdans though.. It will probably just be a lot of raw meat slapped down on a plate and served. o-O
Awww! That's so adorable!!! X'D Eric's blushing is so cute! =^^=
October 25th, 2009
This comic is so cute and has such wonderful art! =D And I'm from Sweden. :3
Hahaha! The line! The line! 'Just because she looks like a poodle' Just too awesome!!! X'D
Big, Mega, FAIL! XD Seriously Utisz, take acting classes. You will need them if you're gonna keep body-hopping and don't want anyone to find out. XD
September 26th, 2009
Your kitten is adorable!!! X3 And Oh sh!t, this is not gonna end good for Tommy.. ''o.o I hope they can tell that It's not Tommy that's doing the killing but the bony cow thingy.. Otherwise Tommy will be spending some jail time.. :(
Update! Yay! And woah.. Keith's Grandfather is harsh! O_o
Puh.. You scared me there for a minute. >.< I really thought that Eric was going to marry her! D:
Yay update!! XD And his uncle suck at explaining things ''>>
Haha I love how Ariel's hair frizzes up! XD So cute =3
LOL When I saw that you had updated I was all like
O0O SQRAFSGAHJREWS UPDATE!!!! 8'D YAAAAYS!! -dances in happines-

Lol I adore your comic that much XD

Anyway the page was epic as always. Homina Homina for the win! XD Emery is so awesome :3
Awww Keith is such an sweetheart! You just want to cuddle him. X3

-Laugh's my ass off - Keith you poor poor innocent soul. X'D
-Rolls on floor laughing so hard it hurts-
-laughing my ass off- Oh god Keith! That was just so adorably sexy XD