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Alright I think its quite clear with my screename that i like metal and rock music. If you didn't get that and is just figuring this out now then I like u, because i am slow as well with that type of stuff. if you already figured it out, then I still like you. I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Alright I like sports, dogs, doing random dorky things, and i am very forgetful (I'm probably gonna have alzheimer's when im older lol) and clumsy. Thats really all i can think of right now......yeah.
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YAYZ!! awesome pic, i like very much! school sucks, i want summer already!! DX im so busy with crap and on top of that im sick nowz so blah. But this makes me happy, we finally got an update!!! :)
lol! i love when she breaks thru the panel!! tis funny!! i like it a lot! but omg!! breaking an ipod!!! O-O noooo! whatever happened to music=life!! *sob*
AND OF COURSE IT DID!!! bah!!! well at least i posted it. XD
omg an update!!! from me?!?!? alright, so i realized i havent drawn any of u peoples characters so there may be random updates from me with drawings of y'alls characters. the wings are crappy and im betting this turned out really big.
uh i posted the same comment twice....wierd
LOLOL!!! HA! LOSER!!!! Cassiopia is only 12! hahahahahahha. Im sorry, im being mean, but its still funny. *snicker*
Kewl!!! Ooo im getting some ideas with this character!! I really like her, she's cool!!!
LOLOL!!! "bliforgle!!!"I love this!!! Its HIlarious!!!! Translation please though??? lol "goldfish my size!"
-We're gonna have to jump into another TIME RIFT!!!
This totally made my day!!
OMG!! Adorable!! *tackle glomps*
Everybody's having fun with Dionysus!!! Woot! lol this is hilarious!!!! I LOVE IT!
Hey welcome!!!!! Nicely done!!! And i like your characters too!!!!
WOOH!!! Get all drunk and naked!!!!! YEAHZ!!! Oh and you didnt mess up at all! It looks great!
He's so cute!!! I love him! Im guessing he's a.....sophomore possibly...idk he looks so young and cute!!
I actually got it!!! I got it!!!! HOORAYYYYZ!! It's a nice size and everything!!!! But so I am aware that little anubis likes to trick people so i drew this in my social studies class cuz i was bored. Like my line paper? lol! But enjoy the wonderful drunkness and wastedness of dionysus!!
Yeah I forgot to put that into account. Nice catch then!!!! Poor Dionysus, cant get a ride. LOL Went for the free food! YAY!!
HOLY CRAP!!!!! That turned out Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too big! Yipe!!! Gosh, I dont think I can ever get it rite. One day I will day. But this is a response to Fire's comment on Dionysus, this is his drunken party side. WOOH!!! PARTAY ALL NITE LONG! Yeah!
Awesomely Awesome!
Hey nice job! Hm, never heard of him. But he sounds coolio!! A pet alligator would be fun, i would train it to kill people i dont like. And OMG Jacoby Shaddix Rox my world!!!! He is the hot of hotness!!!!! Freaking Awesome hair he's got (ur character and Jacoby!) Go P-ROACH 4 EVA!!!!
good point. The blobs do look.....interesting. lol a big blob of blur!! And have fun with him as much as u want. I imagine he wont beat anubis to a pulp when he plays a joke on him, he's a nice person like that. And ALMOST anything, not just anything.
Ok i finally posted my character so yayz for that!!! But then of course it came out blurry and the font is horrible. So here's all the info for him then

Name: Dionysus

Age: 18 (for a while)

Year: Senior

Personality: He's a very kind, considerate, calm, laid-back person who can really get along with anybody. He is like a peacemaker to any situation and is just an all around nice person. Being the god of wine he tends to get drunk sometimes and starts acting all goofy, clumsy and dorky.

Likes: WINE! and really anything else good

Dislikes: (i cant remember it all but lemme give it a shot) Um.....ok he dislikes being dragged into conflicts and he really just dislikes conflicts all together. He doesn't like judgemental people and he cant say no to anybody. So he's really willing to say yes to almost anything.

That is it!! Hopefully my next comic will turn out a hell of a lot better than this one. I just think my computer hates me or its retarded. Well thats just my luck. Oh and hi everybody!