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Poor Eli, this went exactly the way he hoped it wouldn't at the end of the previous comic. Hopefully he sticks around though, as I personally think that his Genre Savvy could prove to be a valuable tool, if he could just get other people to listen to him...

I wonder if Eli would go a little crazy with power if such a scenario happened.
Oh my...
Noted, Eli is the most threatening player in the entire game. I'm going to be paying close attention to him now, as by this point it's hard to just say he's a gimmick character.
Juiced, I don't think Dwayne plans to build any sort of shelter in there beyond maybe a bed of some form for people to sleep on.

And so far, Dwayne's supposed "laziness" isn't really showing through to me, if actually they do use the cave as a shelter, then the materials that would've been used for the shelter would be used on other, probably more useful things.
Well now...
I find it kind of sad that Eli kept better control than Honey did when they met Probst on the mat.

As for who I think is going first, like most everyone else here, I think (and honestly hope) it ends up being the Tengaged girl, she seems like she'll be quite annoying.
Seeing Jackie win has made me happy. And Minerva made for a very good runner-up.
Well Oops
The voting urn is kind of important Jeff. If you want to, you know, count the votes properly, you kind of need what's holding them all.
These next two comics genuinely can't come fast enough.
Nice Speeches
I'd have to say that Jackie's speech was overall better, in my honest opinion. Then again, I could also be horribly biased.

Only a few more comics left. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.
This Final 2 is going to prove exceptionally interesting.

Suffering through Bonnie for as long as we did was totally worth both this, and her Tribal Council.
Oh Wow
That absolutely broke Bonnie, completely, totally, utterly. You can practically hear her expectations fracture into a million little pieces as Jackie starts writing.

Needless to say, ouch, that's gotta hurt.
*dodges bits and pieces of the fourth wall*

Tomorrow's TC is gonna be pretty fun.
I was hoping for this, predictable as it was I was still hoping for it.

Now just to see who Jackie ends up removing from the game.
Also darn it Chloe, you're annoying even in the fallen comrades.
*claps heartily*
I genuinely did not anticipate this. Jackie, you have officially earned my respect, even if you don't win.
Bonnie you are unbelievably delusional.

And honestly do none of them realize that they're in a Survivor Comic? Admittedly that's a bit meta, but the amount of tempting fate in that last panel is so much that it's almost certain that a disaster will happen.
Well I'm Happy
I was hoping Jackie would make the finals, and he did, so overall I'm happy.

Now he just needs to win.
I just hope Tribal Council goes well, in all seriousness, Jackie's the only one left that I'm really rooting for.
I can honestly say I have no qualms with how this went. Phil ended up being, IMO, a rather decent character for what it's worth.

Now just to see how everything ends.
The upcoming Tribal Council shall hopefully be quite interesting.
Oh Wonderful
Bonnie's won immunity. There is no well this can go well.