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YAY, finally a new character.... :) my exams just finished, so i'll be updating more frequently now!

armando---> thank you!
Ooooooh~ i like your style, and the story seems interesting as well! +fav ^_^
MOOOOOOAR... i want more! This is really good, your style is very clean and nice as well. ^_^
*FAIL* i have no idea how to do backgrounds... "OTL SORRY.

TacoTotes--> Thanks, im still developing my style though >.<
Here's Gab :) the main heroine... she's suppose to be Chinese, but i felt like giving her purple hair. lol.
Thank you ^_^
Ah, this is the first time i'm making a comic so please bear with any awkward layouts and such... and please read it! ^_^
ah.. i went a bit overboard with the screentoning... lol it's just so fun :D
Read from RIGHT to LEFT!

enjoy :)

samota--> thank you! please continue watching Arch:Angel!!!! :D
i really love your style~
love the art already :) sounds very interesting!
HAHAHA. i love this XD. i actually laughed out loud when i was reading this....
Ooooh....darn. the dealine pasted. :( i would have liked to join
HM. maybe i'll just do some fanart for the heck of it ^_^ if i do... i'll send you the link XD