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WTF I am not dead?
After a long, very long time I finally manage to have an idea and sprite it, the head should be less "shadow-y" and also revamped the clothing a bit.

Hope this is better than the previous one, and will prob wait a bit for some crits before I start working on a bigger sheet.

The idea on the head was a bit spikey and this was best what came out of it since I wanted to keep the black-red colouration.
January 12th, 2010
epic, glowy and awesome!
The "looks much like Shadow-part" is quite hard for me to fix since I don't know what other kind of head shape I want and the fact I am fund of dark colours makes it automaticly look quite much like Shadow's
RE: LordAJ
Than our gaming experience is the opposite of eachother, because what I said earlier is my experience from 10 years
The %#@?
WTF do you live, or am I entered in reverse world?
Gaming is mostly seen a male activity where most female character/toon/avater are G.I.R.L's (Guy In Real Life).
Impressed person is impressed
Isn't much sprites, but then agian its a new clothing thats less "stolen".

The Break/Fall sprite looks maybe a bit bad, but it was the best out of them...
After the post I already made a few changes.
1. The pants and shirt are 1 line bigger (also makes the pants better looking in this phose showed here)
2. The white lines on his sleeves are going to his back instead of the opening in his jacket showing the shirt.

I am not posting the changes yet, almost done with a little part for the sheet only need a few more posses before I post it
I am still working on the Head shading and the sleeves but I thought it was good enough to post it.
Shoes are for 95% the same becouse I don't know what for other shoes I want to use.

The "Stolen" part refers to my old clothing that was just a recolor of one of Sparrowhawk's characthers clothing

+ means possitive change, - means negative/no change
Was bored...
Although I completed it I'am not wanting to ruin others fun (if they have fun in doing it...), was quite easy actually.
Someone watched a bit to much spongebob?
A is a bit brighter than C its quite hard to see...
Additional information about stealth
Stealth maybe seem godmodded but it has enough down sides.
1. Your movement speed in running/swimming and others that need your body movement are slowed.
2. Its not able to use it fast after eachother otherways it would drain to much energy.
3. After heavy pshycial contact with others (attacks and stuff like that) it directly breaks.
4. It does NOT cover: foodsteps in stuff like snow/mud and others, Sound and unnatural smells (like if your sprayd by a skunk).
5. There are certian ability's that can detect stealth or make it un-able to use is for a certain time.
The head looks a bit to thin on the body, but it looks nice.
Yes i've skipped a few thing from the previous one, but they where un needed or un fitting

If you don't get the "Position" part it means: Both position place are comming from a MMORPG I play, you got mutliple classes and the ones standing there are the ones i've
and yes WoW = World of Warcraft (Private server edition because i am not allowed to pay) Madrigal is a location in the other one (also known as Roika ingame)
After post I find some typo's I didn't saw while I was scanning for them.
The rip offs look better than the one on the AR for the GBA
I'll put that in with the second update
I posted this earlier than I was planned to do, but I thought it would be better to post a update before I start to explain why I didn't make a clothing myself

Damm, I suck at pointing speech bubbles and still forgot the shade the mask...
Also the red circled spirtes mean I need to change them because they suck to much in my eyes