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I rather love reading manga, or good stories to say the least. I love drawing too, so I might start my own comic. ^__^
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I just had an incredibly epic LOL because of the gay comment.

Seriously, she would. XD
Aww I can't wait to see where this here is goin'. XD Those two are fucking adorable.♥
Is it just me, or are Dae's hands backwards in the bottom left panel? @__@
EDIT: They also seem to be backwards in the last panel as well.

And lol@Dae's reaction in the last panel. His face is priceless. xD
Gawddammit, now I really wish I could buy stuff online. Dx
That's a LOT of lines for the books. @__@
"Your aim sucks, dirt eater!"
xD Priceless. Love the stick figure. >w<

And I love the woman's hair~
... >.>; Fuck my life. I can't buy it yet. Dx

I hate it going without a tablet though. D: It tends to suck. >.>
LOL. I agree with iMimi. xD
I love the "WOOSH" of the pants. xD
I'll be, like, the billionth person to say this, but Tommy is just adorable~ in the third panel. I want to snuggle him. x3
<3 Love this comic. I faved this a while ago (but I'm lazy, soo...) and I just read the entire thing up until now. Teach me your skillz~ I can't draw animals for the life of me. You've inspired me to now go run off and draw. >:3

Keep going! I want to know more about the story! :O
Forgive Me!
I've been gone for a couple weeks because of the last weeks of school, and I come back with shitty pages. D: Here's my "PLZ FOR TEH LUV OF GOD FORGIV MEH!1!" page.

This is Xander...some time ahead. :33 I guess you could call this another sneak peek. -^W^-
Again, sorry about the not-all-that-great quality. It'll get better, I swear! (Now if I can just find that tablet pen...)
I'm much too lazy to ink these next two pages. I really just want to get on with the story, so...yeah. D: Sorry for the shitty quality. Normally, I WOULD ink them, but if I try, it'll take me a hell of a lot longer to get these up and keep going. >__>;
D: Poor Andi...
This is so realistic, it's scary. ._.; xD But it's awesome. Your characterization is splendid, and shows in every panel a character is in. :] And seeing as how I can already TELL when something is in or out of character (which it is ALWAYS in!), even though you only have three parts, that's excellent! ...Did I even just make sense there?

Either way, love this manga very much, and can't wait to be able to buy it!
I want a new page. D:< Gr. It's making me so antsy. I love it, though. xD

"BITCH!" Just...awesome. xD
DDDD: NOO. It's the newest page! *spazz-out*
I'm sorry to say this, but for the next few weeks, all the updates are probably going to be fillers, or none at all. There's only three weeks left of school, so everything is getting very hectic. Grades and things. That, and I can't seem to draw the next page right! D8<

No matter, here's your peek into the future! ...Sort of.
As soon as I saw Tommy's face in the third panel, all I could do was "AWWW" at it. xD I've been reading your comic for a while, and I love it! <33 You do a great job. C: