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A diehard anime/manga fan.
A "power reader" -- novels, etc.
A computer addict
A struggling comic/manga artist and writer
A person of this world with two persona

--- "All time flows like a river into the future. Ultimately all time belongs to the future." - Eclipse
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OMG! I love everything about your work!!
--WHat's gonna happen? wah! Please update soon!! :D
wAH! So nicely done!! I liked how you colored the flames! Nice story too!
You're art is soo~ good :D Plus you really edited it well! BTW thanks for commenting on my comic :D --- now got to read :D
I think the only thing I kinda properly edited on this page is the upper part..
I like this part since it's the easiest to draw and to edit part-- even though I didn't edit it much...just go with the fill!! LOL
As if they've just entered the scene like the other characters? yah..kinda..I suck at transitions too :(
If your wondering why the edges are kinda rough...Well, it's becaue I'm a cheapstake and I'm too lazy to buy a proper I use an ordinary pen. It's hard to edit using a plain laptop u know!! -- so then I leave it like that :)
Sorry..If this part is kinda uhm...confusing..I'm confused myself
I know that this part is weird...but oh well..I just like drawing the three of them :)
You will find pages like this often...I suck at editing AND backgrounds...I'm too lazy for the details...but Oh, well..I'll try to be more detailed next chapter :)
I suck at editing, so there's a few- a lot- mistakes there and there. :( Really needs to get used to photoshop..
I really hope that I can be consistent :( My brother and my friend - the writer of the story - told me that my drawing is not consistent :( So there might be pages that aren't that good... :(