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Demetria Yaqoob, Art Student studying in the Central Valley of California soon to Transfer to San Francisco.


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Sorry for not posting anything! Ack I feel horrible!
Ahhh, I just came back from four weeks in Greece, Turkey and Italy.
I promise to update and do some comics this summer.
But for now here is some dork picture of Bo I doodled.
dskfkjsalkfajs what a cutie! I just wanna hug him!~
I blame school!
But it is also my fault as well...
I am so busy with classes I have no time to draw, but I promise during weekends I will try to get comics done! Just need an idea of what to draw...

Won't be able to use a tablet since mine broke and I need a new one. Crossing my fingers that I will get a intous 5! Been saving up for one.

But soon enough I will kick Bo back into the story and try not to be a lazy ass...
I also need to work on figure drawing homework, I draw naked people in that class lots of fun. Dicks,dicks everywhere. (We haven't had a female model yet.)

But have a crappy doodle that I fixed up in a minute.
sdflkjsfkljsaflkd I need to get my ass back into this comic and do something with Bo. I blame school and myself for taking a earth science lab...sob
Name: Adja Naoru
Age: 21
Kingdom: Balavanka
Residence: Living on the coast of the bay, his family are a family of fishermen who live near the docks to have easy access to the markets and trade ships to sell fish.
Role: Fisherman,net maker, and fishmonger
Personality traits: Sarcastic, rude, jumpy, hotheaded, loud mouthed,snappy,hard working, easily loses temper.
Likes: Sweets, fishmongering (He prefers that over the other jobs.),Being near the water,anything spicy, swimming,pulling pranks on his siblings,searching and finding pearls,games (His favorite are backgammon and any type of card games.)dogs, poncho's and scarves.
Dislikes: Storms,rain,people who tease him, sour tasting treats, coffee (If it exists in this area), poultry. (I need to think of some more...)

Bio: Adja comes from a large family who for generations have been fishermen who trade and sell fish to Bala and different kingdom's.
Adja being the 5th born of 8 children he was taught at a young age to work and provide for the family. Adja has rarely traveled out of his hometown but wishes to travel.
Adja had never really seen eye to eye with his older brothers or his father,calling his uncle his father figure.

Powers: Adja prefers not to use his powers, though they do help with everyday use of work. Having some ability to control water Adja and his family use water to trap and even lure fish to nets and to the boats. Though Adja can fly and has wings he keeps them tucked away and hidden until they are needed, though he can fly he prefers not to.

Weapons: A small dagger that is used for gutting fish, cutting and fixing nets, and protective reasons.

+ He wears the net at his side. There is a hook underneath the scarf that holds the net to his waist so that in his free and open time he can fix and make nets.
+ He is based off a Kingfisher.

((I don't even know what I'm typing, it's late and I'm here is a crappy info page of Adja.)))
I just finished my final today! So I am working on my oc as we speak -sob-
Bby's please don't be sad. ;A;
Cause we couldn't find the Lil'Bo Peep one.
Omg red head~ ;w;
So does the carpet match the drapes? >W>
@RiddleLace Thanks you so much! ;w;
I like colors, colors are good and I try to use them as much as I can.
-touches his face- He is such a cutie pie.... :T

Orientation: Gay, but claims to be Bi.
Half human.Half Cyborg
Age: Appears to be 19
Height: 5'5"
Likes: Learning new things, Ice cream,Black Liquorish, Spicy food, Food in general, world history,Hacking,Reading, foreign language, bubbles...
Dislikes: Deep water, viruses,Canned tuna,malfunctions,wrong information, guns (even if he does own one),loud noises.
Personality: Sweet and simple minded. Being half human and cyborg he is like a giant encyclopedia, but is fairly innocent...not really he just chooses to ignore it. Stubborn and very nervous around new people.
Your basic nerd/geek.

Dig was a research cyborg for a secret government project, searching for another program called Depche.
With his partner another cyborg that was programed to be a assassin and master in weapons/Bodyguard. Key was sent to hack into system, though he and his partner successfully gathered the information. His partner was lost being killed while escaping.
Though not all things can go well for Key, not knowing it he carried the virus that came in contact with it's hacker, this also being a second part of Depche.
The government group knowing of this did there best to get rid of the virus, though they did...somewhat there is still a piece of the virus that still is in Key. Under the eye patch is a piece of the binary code of the virus that will stick with him. Not wanting to deal with the government group he ran away now looking for a place to stay.


askfjaldskfjkdsafj IDK WHAT TO DO...AND...ya fail...

Hey guys! Sup?
Cause Bo is a wuss and stupid. Oh god is he stupid. lol ;w;

Dinhhhhh why are you such a cutieeeee.
I've been working on a responce to the last comic too. lol .w." I just finished my finals~

Ffffff your style is so cute and how you draw Bo sdfkjskdljf <3 ;w;
Bo is like "Oh thank god, I'm not going to die yet!"

@Feruru: Nooooo don't eat my Babuuuuu
"I JUST HAD SEXXXXXX AND IT FELT SO GREAT!" -Shoot me please I'm sorry-
I don't think Bo has ever seen a horror movie. lol
Lol is it a bad thing that I did the voice fade thing as well, aloud. .w."
Hot damn sexy monsters~
Bo don't go in the basment! You know what happens in the horror movies! lol -shot-
Ffff you draw him so cuteeeee...;ls,fas
Oh gosh! It remind me of this rp I did two years ago! With my friends oc which was a demon that called him Mutton. RUN BO RUNNNNNNNN before you endup on the value menuuuuuuuu
Fffff you draw him so cute!;A; I need to get to the comics once finals end in two weeks