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I like to play videogames like MGO & LBP I also like to do sprites with my freind Mark (aka) chaosmark101
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It's bin along time since I been here got so much stuff I got to do in high school I forgot about this place sorry -_-
@Plazmaz:It's okay I dont really need it any more my freind chaosmark101 was an author on that tut
hey waffles can u do a tutorial of fire affects plz.
perfect dood perfect
kick ass sprite art dood!
i should of posted this along time ago
i made this when i was bored
some thing i made along time ago for people who want a shadow chao.
try using rayman3 sprites for your thing-thing sprites
wow dude these are really cool even though I dont really sprite that much because of lazyiness and my PS3 <3
this is still a great gift quils are nice small problems the sprite isn't (revamped color wise) but it's okay and the pose is good but why did you recolor marks (chaosmark101's)
thrust poses?so credit him and his name is just "Dark"
and thanks dude!
yep but the over world version was f#cking hard
i made this cause i was thinking about it so i made it i hope u like it Wolf
May he rest in peace and here are my fav
yea i agree
how about a horror movie
why dont u put a horror movie like freddy kruger or the chainsaw masicard if not how bout a anime
i kinda like it
its funny and all but u put meat as in carne u misspelled the word it was supposed to be Meet (P.S heres advise once you fhinish making a comic check for any mistakes and for gods sake learn how to stretch and skew dude.
hahahahaha now thats a funny video Zach
hehe a heghog Akuma hahaha o hey have u ever heard of cyborg Akuma he came out in marval hero v.s street fighters he is a bich to kill he flys when u start woopen his ass