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I'm a girl who live in Sweden. I love to draw, I started to draw manga since the summer 2005, but I took it more seriously at 2006, later on I've just continued to draw for fun. But now I feel for doing something I'm not so familiar with, to draw comics !

Wish me good luck, and enjoy my comics. ^_^ ~ <333

Moar of my arts on my dA;
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January 25th, 2010
He's answer is on the 4th panel, Tuturutuuu~ 8D;; <3
January 12th, 2010
Hahah LOL. xD Nice mix. I also mix those together but I call it MyFace ö 3ö
Thank y'all. And no I didn't use
Rate My Drawings, dunno what it is. XD Why?
LOL, the hoodie's expression changed XD
LMAO. He facepalmed. XD So adorable!
November 24th, 2009
I'm guessing he's the same age or 16-17. ö 3ö;; idk~

I love this comic sososo much. <3
I... just had to. XD
Finally a new page! :D

But because I've been so unactive on this comic, I'll make it up to you guys by loading up another page! C: Hope that makes u ppl a tiny bit happier ~?
AAWH. X'D <3

Btw, I just started to read this comic today. And I love it so far. ¢¾ I can really relate to most of this stuff. Great job! (:
Finally another page ~!

I'm sorry for not uploading in a LONG time, I just didn't kno what to draw or how to continue on this comic. Thats what happens when I draw without a fully done storyline. 8D;; Oh wells, now it's back but I dunno when I'll start on the next page, so be prepared on waiting a long time. XD


Thank you everyone for the nice comments! :3
Rofl, I love how she asks if the girl is his gf. x'D So adorable. <3

Yush, I will try makin a calendar! *-* If I got the time and put the effort into making one. C:
I downloaded it to take a look and it looks really good. O: Whoa, now I feel like making one too. X'D
Awesome update, såg fram emot det. Whoa, snygga scener och sidor. Du har utvecklats skitmkt! O:
A commission and birthday gift from Malika, it's the choco muffin family. Yay<333 I love yooou. :'D Thanks alot. ^_^ !!

Check his art out in dA
And his comics on smackjeeves
Sorry for not uploading in a looong while.
But this comic is on hold for a longer time because I gotta plan for the other comic I'm making.

This is a artgift from littletoboe102 @ dA, who drew the whole choco muffin family, thanks alot. <333
BRAINZZ. LOL. Nice job, u really
drew it creepy 8D I kinda got grossed out, tho it was real for a second... o:
This teacher is like, an opposite of the one in my comic.. XD
Åhåå, I like it so far. 8D MOARRR~
July 6th, 2009
Wahahah, thats so cute. x'D! <333