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The cryptic yet not entirely unexpected return of one, Maxillion-aryu~

I'm not the way I used to be, t'is a change in me. I'm not a critic anymore~
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You know, I should probably rejoin this-aryu.
Hey y'all, logged on when I got linked here by my good friend Sharo.

I know this isn't the most public place to do this, but... Anyone who knows me knew that I used to be like that. I used to be a painfully harsh critic. I made a few people quit spriting because I didn't think they were good enough. I realized a few days before Mist PMed me: "Why would I want to be like that?" Honestly, what would I have to say for myself other than "I shout at anybody who is worse than me" or "I'm a dick to noobs on the internet". It made me wonder: "Why are some of the best people on SJ like that?" Like, some people in the "Negative Bitches of SmackJeeves" are actually really good spriters, they're just not the nicest people to talk to ever.

To be honest, I might not even move to DrunkDuck. As some of you may know, I got hired by about a year ago for my currently inactive comic "Stray" and DO says I can post what I want up there providing I run it through him first.

But I just logged on for, perhaps one final time to apologize to anyone I've hurt. I know it's hard to mentally harm people over the internet, but to anybody I've flamed, trolled, anyone I've fought with simply because I thought I was better than them, I'm sorry.

Keep up the fun, people. Sprite for fun. Don't listen to what people like what I used to be had to say.

Peace out.
WELL... I'm an asshole who spends my time here swearing at fucktard n00bs. With that do?
I am dissapointed in the lack of me in this goddamn fucking comic.

And yes, lugzzbruafbzzgluhfagburg is a fag.
I have Photoshop, and I can make decent banners with it. Mmk? :P
>Fall over.

EDIT: >Realize that you have no legs to support you and fall down.
Oh god, memes.
Tell us if the Conduit is good, though.
June 24th, 2009
so i herd u need co-authrs :D
I mean, I can do it, I guess.
>Smash whatever you can. Twice.
Fuck you, Xev =P
I lost the game. -_-;

... can't believe you're still here, Xev. =\
Holy shit, XEV?!

(... again)(

so i herd u need authors?
Awesome. Like usual.
{There's Something About Tails.}
Ever heard of it? Feh.
Mahbius Zooon playse.
I mean, Mobius Zone, please ma man 'Chidna.
You know what?
*tackles the join button*

I'm joking, I can't be fucked right now.

I mean, yeah, screw you SSM