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I am a teenage loser and I'm trying to learn how to like things.

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    Gabbi B.
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each page looks drastically different from the former because I wait so long to make them.
P.S. I lost my script, so this page contains the most awkward dialogue ever.
I'm inking digitally with Sai now. Does it look any better?

It takes me so long to do pages....
I thought that I would just check in
What? Did you post this at 1:49 in the morning or is that not Canada time?


and I just realized that the captain is going the wrong direction. OH DEAR

I need to figure out some tech stuff and how to draw. :<

I'm taking a heavy load in classes this year so I might not update frequently... oh well.
oh dear god this page took forever.

I was not please with the fourth panel at all... to the point where I put the inked un-colored page aside and narrowly avoided it for about two weeks. But then I realized that I can either finish it or not, either way it'll look like crap.

Which is does. But not as much as I thought it would.

and HEY if you like this comic then rate it as you please! I guess I just want to see if anyone is interested in this comic continuing, otherwise I can work on something else that might be a little more liked or something.

p.s. i am quite terrible at backgrounds. B-but I can learn!
first page?? I have another one inked, which I'll color tomorrow. I was going to finish the whole chapter before posting, but I am impatient and irresponsible.

gosh, coloring takes forever.
Here is the crappy title page that I never want to see again.

The rest of the comic will be cooler! I promise! D:

P.S. sorry that the layout is awkward and very much like a twelve year old. It'll be okay looking eventually.
What kind of markers/pens do you use to ink this?