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you can watch my sprite vids on youtube
....but the 1st vid of "super nintendo ballz"
....could be better.

my user name on youtube is zapman14
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I have been busy enrolling.
News Post.
There was going to be post before this one,
But it did'nt come out right so I skiped it.
If your reading this:
Its a author comic for pete sake.

If you can't think of a navi, use any navi BUT the following:
Other Author's Navi
Some more may come up, But I can't think of any more.
I was invited long time ago and I just now have something
to post.
I downloaded GameMaker 8 and I'm working on a
Legend of zelda fan game, And this spider is the
6th boss.

Ps ShadowGear is my gamer name and the e-mail has not
been made yet.
AA-Gun ripped by Dan
the bullets on the AA-Gun by me.
that, and theres more action after this to.
-and no one cares.
If your wondering whats Knuckles is doing...look up my new year comic
ProtoMans stats:
HP: 250
EG: 100
stat: Corruption phase 2/4
MB: 0
This is the first of its kind
its me on I'm awake... I:/
so win I'm awake on sat-day I'll come up with one of the thes... >:O DANM TYPOS!
okay theres a news post but its more of a notice.
Ok hears the deal.
I do'nt relly care if you trun into a Navi or just have one.
as long as you make your own sprites.

I'm tring this again...
and yes know theres type-Os.
I was going to post last sunday but I coun'nt find
good Eggman sprites. Then I rememberd..."two evil scientists".
so the Eggman sprites are made by RyanMC.
classic. XD
I don't have Halo... so I have'nt a clue on how to make a plot line about it.
but I have "played" it And I'm not shore if this have'en but I think its funny.
What is Amy's secert?
What the hell thowes choas emralds?
How long have I ben wanting to this plot?
Find out...Next time on...Sonic Thunder!
(If I remember to post sat. :/ )
sorry for not posting see make my comics on my laptop but my laptop has
no interntnet so i have to put my comic on a disc
and put them on the computer in the livingroom...
but you I lost the disk...till now. so I'll be (trying) to get to posting comics.
just a doodle