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So, I pretty much live and breath manga. I hope that one day in the distant future I will be living in a Tiny little apartment in Tokyo perusing my dreams as a manga artist. Some people may think my dream is unrealistic but I don't really care. The fact that I might never suceed and be poor all my life doesn't bother me. As long as I get to draw and as long as there are people reading my stuff I'll be happy.
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dude, is there gonna be any gay neko/master pairings? That would be sooooooooooo awesome!
I dunno if I'd wanna talk to that guy. He looks crazy.
hey look his tie is loose. that means he's a badass XDD
Well here ya go kiddies. Another page. I thought I'd experiment with screen tones with this one, mainly in Ryuji's hair and the uniforms. Hope you guys like ^__^
lolz. That's some funny stuff.
Sorry for the Month long wait!
Holy frickin cow it's been so long since I've updated!! Gaaaawd that sucked! I really hate college. I really do. Now that I'm off for the summer you'll be seeing a lot more updates. And I worked hard on this page! I digitally inked it this time rather than using my copic line pens and then scanning it. It looks a lot better but it takes a LONG time. And look! I added a little bit of background! XD
question. Have you seen the anime Tora Dora? Your style kinda reminds me of that show, especially when I look at Koko.
That kid is just so goddamn happy XDD
For anyone who doesn't know who Kamina is, here is the first episode of Guren Lagan : bed-online-free#English
woot! here's the real next page. Ugh, I don't think I'm very happy with this one. I scanned the lineart at school, and for some reason my manga software was having issues with the image being to big, so I had to make it small causing the lineart to look like shit. My laptop is also incredibly retarded cuz I never have this problem at home. ugh T___T

Technology really sucks sometimes. Anyway, I hope you like the angry sexy librarian XD And Ryuji studies like a boss cuz he's asian. That's what they do XDD
God wouldn't that suck if this were the actual ending? Yeah as you can see I hardly took any time doing this page. I kinda came up with it on a whim. But I wanted to do something or April Fool's. And don't worry, I already finished the next page and it will be up soon ^^ So hang in there.
is this kid playing World of Warcraft in his spare time or something? XDD
Yeah Haru is turning out to be quite a good uke XD

With the way he's acting you would've never guessed that he's supposed to be an epic bishi
well I can't help it if our English teacher is a douche.....and our Art teacher is a hippie XDD

AND OMFG god I'm soooo excited 100+ fans yay!!!! and good job on the coloring ^^ Hurray for fucking teamwork!!
so cuuuuuuuute!!! Awwweee the huggles!!!!
I smell a sentimental moment.....or hammock sex. Please for the love of god be hammock sex!!
mmmm Eliot looks delicious <3
GAAAWWWD DAAAMNIT!!! kids are the worst cock blocks.

and dude that totally sucks. I have a midterm in ceramics too only I don't have to write a thesis. That sounds incredibly retarded. You should make a penis sculpture XDD
I swear to god if someone walks in on them I am going to set a baby on fire. How long have we been waiting for the sexing? seriously?
Yes, Arina is one of them, along with Rumiko Takahashi, Noizi Ito, and Naoko Takeuchi. I've got lots of heroes <3