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I may be strange, but I'm so sincere.
Oh no! It's too much of a tease! I can't wait for next weekend~
These pages are so great though :)
Thinking back to where they started, I just have to laugh a little over how comfortable they are together now. I love reading/watching the development in their relationship.
This has happened to me twice in my life.
Joa is too precious for this world, making such an adorable fit. Lol
Hahahaha, Joa's face. That's so great. I'm smiling soo big. Then, I noticed his industrial piercing and got a whole lot more excited. It looks so good.
I'm just like, "Oh, oh, oh, oh! Here we go..."
For the record, Dylan is very cute and I love seeing his cute little doggy running around. You hardly ever get to see animals in webcomics
Oh man I love this comic. Your faces make me so happy. They're so great, especially Merce's. He's always just happy to be there. Lol.
Aw, Dylan, I hate to see you like that.
But it's nice seeing him open up, even if it's something so sad.
His facial expressions are so good too. This is a really great page.
Aw... It's so cute and sweet, but it also makes me a little sad.
I ship them. I ship them hard.
Man, I love the way you color this. It's awesome and I am crazy about your style.
And I don't know if there's suppose to be tension or not, but I like it
Well, I'm certainly wooed.
Oh wow. Either Joa is dying or he had to find a drink elsewhere. Dylan is so cute with that little blush. And I'm excited for Halloween! Awesome!
Oh my god I love this comic to the characters and the art. It's such great quality <3
Aw, now he's attainable in Dylan's mind. I like it and I love the face he's making in the third panel. Chibi Dylan is cute.

And you guys are so impatient! It'll be better if it takes them some time to get together.
Aw David. We all know you're a sweet heart.
Btw, Anti-David killed me. I nearly spit up my drink reading it. Totally didn't expect it XD
I knew both of Mariam's examples and I completely agree! The same thing drives me nuts, but my friends laugh and tell me I'm too picky about gay porn. I'm like "That's not what it's all about!!!"
Rant done.

Great page. I always love looking at your art.
Hahahaha, Conner gets his clothes the same way I do Lol. Goodwill is my sanctuary!
And I love seeing the color. It's really nice!
Dylan is going to get so frustrated with him. I know it.
Joa in the last panel, I love.
Joa is just really good at using his resources and Dylan is his most useful resource. lol.
God I love the coloring for this comic. It's always so clean and just pops. I love it.
Oh my god! Hell yeah! I was so excited seeing the update and what an awesome page to come out with! Go Stan, go get your man!