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I may be strange, but I'm so sincere.
Oh man I love this comic. Your faces make me so happy. They're so great, especially Merce's. He's always just happy to be there. Lol.
Aw... It's so cute and sweet, but it also makes me a little sad.
I ship them. I ship them hard.
Man, I love the way you color this. It's awesome and I am crazy about your style.
And I don't know if there's suppose to be tension or not, but I like it
Oh my god I love this comic to the characters and the art. It's such great quality <3
Aw David. We all know you're a sweet heart.
Btw, Anti-David killed me. I nearly spit up my drink reading it. Totally didn't expect it XD
I knew both of Mariam's examples and I completely agree! The same thing drives me nuts, but my friends laugh and tell me I'm too picky about gay porn. I'm like "That's not what it's all about!!!"
Rant done.

Great page. I always love looking at your art.
Hahahaha, Conner gets his clothes the same way I do Lol. Goodwill is my sanctuary!
And I love seeing the color. It's really nice!
Oh my god! Hell yeah! I was so excited seeing the update and what an awesome page to come out with! Go Stan, go get your man!
wow, I just love reading this comic. It's such an amazing read and I strangely feel serene after I read it. You are a wonderful story teller.
i laughed so uncontrollably during this! I'm so happy I'm alone right now, BUT IT'S JUST TOO FUNNY!
Other than the obvious, this is a very fantastically drawn page, I don't want that to go over looked.
ooooooo, that is so cool. This gonna be good. I knows it.
Now, if Adrian had a sassy gay friend, he would be saying, "Girl, girl WHAT are you doing?"
"I was just-"
"You're just a stupid bitch."
(Sorry for the Youtube reference)
But, yeah, BAD IDEA. This is such a BAD IDEA!
That's the "Did this party just get better face?"
Answer: yes
I just love the writing, it's so funny and I look forward to Carter's many faces.
Break up with her now! No more talking to the crazy bitch!
I can't even describe to you how much I love this. It's so cute and fantastic. I love reading this comic
Those ships are amazing, so well done. The whole page, really, is beautiful. I love Hartley's face in the last panel. Priceless~
Welcome back! The look on his face in the last panel is so bitter sweet, in a really sad lovely kind of way... I just realized, he has the most manly sperm the way his wives kept popping out boys. lol.
Oh my god, if he carries Pepper to his bed, I won't know who Ken is anymore. lol. I don't mind that.
I'm so nervous for him!
Awesome page and congratulations on the number of fans!
I'll be here! This is an amazing comic, I graciously wait for more.
PAAAARRRRRTTTTTTAAAAAYYYY! Only good things happen at a party in comics, or at least, good things end up happening because of it. I'm very excited.