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I have way too many projects. I need one comic, and some author comics on the side. Maybe keep Blazing Memories around.

I'm Leonite, a procrastinating, witty, sarcastic person. Hate me? Fine, go ahead.

I got into spriting around 2006-ish, been making comics for that time. My longest existing comic is Blazing Memories, which is on a very long remaking session. If you have suggestions for it, please, send me a PM. You'll help avert future crisises with those suggestions. Thanks.
@Master J M13: Life gets in the way sometimes, plus I'm pursuing other things as of late. Doesn't mean I won't be dropping out of comic making entirely, my focus is just shifted right now.
@Blitzn'Burst: Persistence, secret deals with the mob and lots and lots of hoes.

For gardening.
@Master J M13:

That should be close enough, I guess

I know, it's shocking, isn't it?
So I'm not dead.
Like the comic says, I've run into some virus troubles with my PC and just recently dumped it, so it'll take a bit for me to get the plugins and resources I need to start making comics again, but I have been working on Chrome, the heavily shaded sprite from one of my previous half-ass update comics. Just wanted to inform you all, and I'll see you whenever I guess.
All I could read with the side of the crate was 'Ex Gig'. Anyways, still not as active, been doing other things that's not on SJ, may be back to comic-making soon.
It's like as soon as I eat the Cerberus everyone goes into the kitchen >.> (I'm still alive, just haven't been on here much)
I see. He looks really good though, and congrats on 90 fans :P
Whoever the guy on the right is, he looks seriously awesome. Not too familiar with the Greek gods, just know the main 12 thanks to Percy Jackson.
I swear, your comic is just forcing me to login every single time when I'm logged in already... *>_>
On a less annoyed by technology note..
Hephy looks awesome with that staff and the paint on his face, he looks like a warrior.
@torchthewolf: Preoccupied for me is Skyrim.

Though I seriously wish there was a mod that allows for more marriages/marriage options, I want to be able to marry Aela and Susan >_>
No, I'm still here.
HD is all the reason you need. Silly Auburn :P
I still can't figure out who this person is... dammit, he's so mysterious.
Dear Ares, this is Hephaestus. This is very possible, as you are burning right now. Silly Ares, you must have fallen out of your war chariot and hit your head when you were a newborn god.
I don't misunderstand it, but when it happens a large amount of times (behind the scenes), it gets old.
He's died 60+ times behind the scenes, and 3 (?) times on-comic.
And he's more of a freeloader than a customer considering Jake took his resident spot.

Also, grammar fail in the last panel, don't know how I missed that. It's supposed to be nervously, not ervously.
My only question is...
Funeral or no funeral?
She's not needing to do it, it was to signify she didn't care.
That. Is. THE. Biggest. Fireball. EVER.
The alt text is fun also.
But yeah, the fourth wall is broken. And hyper, your character(s) are the only characters I haven't used in a comic besides Mzp and (full) Silver, so I just grabbed a random sheet and it happened to be Cassandra's.
And yes I used language in this.
The pony wasn't intentionally named Doctor Whooves (sadly I know the name >_>), but the way he was designed led Whovians and Bronies to name him as such. But I'll stick to my Doctor Who and avoid the ponies.