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Just your regular teenage yaoi fan.
Call me Rei-chan or even Rei-kun, I don't care which. Favorite yaoi pairings so far are: Akuroku, T-chan and Leon, Count D and Leon and Seto and Joey. There's more but whatever.
Also I love ranting so if anyone needs to have a POV from someone else with or with out a good argument, Im all yours.
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May 3rd, 2009
I love it!!!! Not a big fan of Sora and Roxas but I have to say it looks hot...
Still love Akuroku more though lol Hmm I like the part where it Sora wants Roxas 'heart' I mean I don't know what you mean with it but I'd like to think Sora wants to have a whole heart, since Roxas and Sora are the same person, Sora wants to be whole? Idk I'm rambling I guess...sorry ^^V Anyway wonderful job!!! Cant wait to see the next page!!!