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I don't like a lot of things.
But it sure seems like I do :D

(But I really do like Rara <3)
Riri <3 Rara.
Cosplaying at its finest. Riri does it.

It's that time of year again for FanimeCon! Teehee. Friday was fun, but Saturday will be AWESOME.

See you guys there.
This is how Riri cools off in the summer.
Dedicated to N.E. who never gets scared <3 I forgot to color in last mouth. Meh ^_^ Too lazy~
Either that, or she's just a bit slow. I swear she has good intentions! :D
Rara's Not Fat!
He's huggable <3

Happy mother's day, everyone. At to all huggable people as well :D
I was too lazy to draw borders ;_;

But anyway. I had to redraw this one because the first time I did it, photoshop said "I hate you" and errored on me. I was sad. :<
Here's Rara!
He has tummy problems, leave him alone. He gets self-conscious.

Stupid Riri.
Pew pew.
Riri thinks Rara needs a bath. Or she just wants to practice L4D zombie killing.

Saaaame thing.