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well, my wang is just simply humungous.
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im not sure if the trend is going to be all new characters, but remember that not everyone graduated in the same year.
cartoon characters generally don't age. Look at... well, any cartoon.
PA (not pennsylvania)
if you tweaked your art just a little, i wouldn't say it looks like Penny Arcade. It's good art, don't get me wrong, but since it's already a cartoon (I praise you for this one too, espically on this anime-takeover site) try taking influences from other famous cartoonists like John K.
im digging this comic, and your style is way cooler than 99% of the comics here. I haven't actually seena better one, but i like to play it 99% safe.
I have an ex-girlfriend named amanda also, and she is totally a whore and possibly orcish. Fuck Amandas, dude
The Sex Tape
After a long vacation of not having a scanner, i'm back, and will soon start uploading the dozens of comics that have built up.
one of my pics done by mouse.
dude, drawing with a mouse isn't that hard. if you're going to do it (which i see you didn't, but for future referance) just take your time; it should take you at least 2 to 3 hours per comic. in the link provided below is an example of a drawing i did about a month ago with nothing but a mouse, and it turned out alright.
did you seriously think that wasn't a joke?
hell yes! somebody who finally fucking GETS IT!!!!! sweet dude.
i see how it is
don't be pissed that i couldn't even see what was going on in your jumbled shit you called a "comic". you didn't WANT me to rate it. i did you a fucking favor and you shit all over me. thanks, asshole!
how can this possibly have a 4? it's not funny and it looks like complete shit. You used Flash MX but may as well have used MSpaint and a mouse. It seriously looks like a retarded blindfolded ape with a shovel up it's ass and no fingers drew this.

no offense. i'm just not going to lie.

nor am i going to "ruin" your 4.00 with a 1 rating, because aparently people bitch at you when their comic sucks.
some of you seemed confused, but thats christopher walken, a very famous old actor. but he is pretty damn creepy.
i'd say "not bad" too but that would be a lie. this sin't a comic, this is a diagram of your fictional characters and their fictional levels in a fiction RPG that doesn't exist. but i gave you a 2 because the art isn't THAT god-awful.

oh yeah, and everybody in the entire comic is the saem person.

not to mention you posted this same comic 5 fucking times with different names. none of which made any sense.
i gave it a 1 because it makes 0 sense.

edit: and when i rated it somebody else had already given it a 1 so don't blame it all on me.
hubazuba ywah
i have no fuckin clue whats going on but it doesnt matter because it looks damn cool. your art style kicks ass.
yeah, my art may look a bit weird because i simply just didn't ink, and some of the lines just look white.
you can't erase the internet silly
my bad
i'm not really a hard-ass critic, i just don't like what i don't like, i'm not going to lie about it.