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Guess only paradox ice-cream can do that<3
Yup, depression. Yup, have eaten ice-cream today.
February 10th, 2012
I guess Mr.Woods is officially Sj's number 1 celebrity now:P
Taiyou's manly shine - how convincing!
...well, not exactlyXD
That's a harsh oneXD
Wouldn't really be surprising if there were some, would it?
Not sex? Disturbed face? Then maybe WEDDING?XD
i pewnie coś z "a" w zdaniu o tea.
Oops, bad moment to have religion doubtsXD
Cuteness, chubbiness+blueness and he ain't leaving, baby!
Eila looks like opening a new huge ice-cream boxXD
So they're like: 'I'll rob you and teach you respect!'?:> Teehee, let's see where it goes:3
October 23rd, 2011
C'mon man, just say YES!!
Or did Kyandi already forget it was Hoshi's fault because he tends to drown himself in guilt?XD
Ahh yes, high school French - were things get complicated:P
Hello, happy to be a new reader:3
Aww, I've always been a fan of the I'll-tell-you-a-secret talk done by a girl and a boy o(* w *)o I'd also think that I did bad, me understands so well ;__;
Yay, Eila does her awesome girly face again!
October 16th, 2011
So now Hoshi will fall in love with Kyandi but Kyandi will unlove HoshiXD
October 7th, 2011
Yeah... I'd worry that I'm dangerous for others without remembering it...
Ooh Kyandi. I feel your humiliation so well T__T
September 24th, 2011
...I swear your comic can compete with ancient tragediesXDD
Awwww, don't be angry! Don't cry! Don't be so cold! *sends everyone a massive teletubbie hug*
Sorry to hear about your pet. I'm 100% with you in this hard time. I've lost mine this month and just a moment ago I've learned many photos + the only one movie we had of our dog dissappeared from my sister's cellphone. It's + more sleepless nights of sadness. I hope you'll be fine.
Ha ha. Both of them are masters at negotiation and yet the outcome is always so miserableXD But they're getting there slowly~<3
September 19th, 2011
Alright! I am so getting myself adopted by Tommy!
So happy. I finally get to have plans for the future XD
Well, it IS horrible when you're headed towards your own chair and there's already someone sitting on it, drinking from your mug 8D
Pfft, Dzidaju, pfft!
Pomyśleć, że kadr temu skakał przez okno jak rasowe seme!!! To chyba jakiś smeksi fejl imydż XD