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I live in one of those half-hour time zones, and resent this site for not letting me use it.
Best page ever.
Drawing Voltorb fanart rite nao
Avi- thanks!

jstar- I'm glad you think so. Hopefully it'll improve as I go, as well.

North- lol wut. Anime moon-boots?
That building goes on foreverrrrrr
Neat--can't wait to see her in the comic!
This took too long to do, honestly. I've been a bit sick, but not so much as to make it an excuse.

...Assume there's some way for them to get onto/down from the building. A door to the interior, or a fire escape maybe.
No three?
23 would totally be into hanging out on a roof! (Translation: I'll start on the next page now.)
Am I drawing a page now, or after Avi?
@... everyone?
Avi den Kanashimi - Pff. 1 doesn't count, he's just a freaky loner.

Irrisorie - Happy to be here!

jstar - Sorry--there's always the greek letters, though?
I... have no idea what's going on.

Just thought I'd report in.
I am liking the framework this sets up.
@Avi den Kanashimi
23's a prime. She has no factors ;__;
She's a bit thick when it comes to insults, is the only thing, but I'm sure 3 will power through.

She has a bunch of brothers--X and Y are more nicknames, since they don't expect 23's friends to remember their names. (Numbers. Whatev's.)
Her father got her that upper-back tattoo for her sixteenth birthday, and she thinks it's just spiffy.
nvm, you hit the cap. I should have read the rule-things. *sob*