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I love anime, the color green, spicy food, and I absolutley love Web comics XD
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July 11th, 2012
I really liked this comic, it was kind of like a bitter sweet love story. I like the fact that it was short while still being able to make a good bl story. I kind of hesitate to call this a love story, simply due to the fact that the love wasn't truly mutiual. That being said it comes off as really realistic compared to other comics I have read. I really like BL comics and this one is pretty high on my list of favorites. I have mixed feelings on the ending however, its one of those stories where I wish it kind of continued into a sappy love ending but I know for a fact that it would downgrade the story as a whole. Bottom line I loved the story, great job, and please keep up the good work.
A change
I remeber reading this comic a long time ago and it was very different from what I remember, but now that I have come back to it I like the art style and I still like the story so far. The story is not fully given yet so I don't know If I'll love it but it seems to be going very well so far. Keep up the good work I like a lot of the inner dialouge and the black and white art style. I really hope to see some more and learn a lot more about all of the characters.
ps. I love the character page XD
Awsome, heh, I like the collection of pub mix XD
The insanity in his eyes was hilarious XD
February 14th, 2011
well now I feel like an idiot XP, I still think rap kinda sucks though XD
February 13th, 2011
Well rap dosen't make sense and Latin is a dead language so...kind of works XD
December 19th, 2010
Hm this is kinda fishy, I think that Mika is just going to go with her and demand info on Alex XD at least thats what I hope.
Wow very nice job, love the letters in the blood, cool but creepy XD, can't wait to read some more of it
Wow, I read those too and couldn't help laughing I am really glad I am not "homophobic" LOL XD
December 1st, 2010
That guy's arms looked so cute holding that clipboard in the second panel heh XD
I am going to say that he said he wanted to have sex with her XD
Heh this is why the PS3 is just a glorified dvd player, keep up the funny XD
Heh, I do love this comic thanks for putting my name up. Keep up the great job, I can't wait for the next update XD
Eh I am leaning to DT losing this one D:
Hm Atticus and DT have a lot of work to do to compete with this guy, LOL even the Nidoran can tell these guys can't fight XD
LOL this is hilarious I bet it will say try again later XD
He looks really pissed XD
Huh well this should be interesting, well since DT has never even done tackle before, im betting a stunning loss with a black out for Atticus
This is really funny, I love the face she made when glareing the food all over her face makes it even better XD
Wow hm I wonder if he will actually tell him what to do, or if that is too much to ask for XD