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H-hai, my name's Shiwen. Please excuse my awkwardness and stupidity... >A>;;

I'd love to become friends so feel free to talk to me!

Thanks to Kirlyfish on deviantArt for the avi!!! ;v;
February 3rd, 2010
Maryland, USA. :)
October 29th, 2009
Sorry!!! I've been really busy so I haven't had much time to work on my entry... ;n;
Haha, he's so cute!! >w<
Awww....she's so cute!!! >w<
Yep! Thanks! :3
Is there any specific requirements for the applications???
October 19th, 2009
awww...they're sooo cute!!! >w<

i love their outfits!!!
October 13th, 2009
wooowwww......i just clicked next for no reason even though the previous page was supposed to be the last one, I just came here.... @w@

Liam looks so cute in the first panel!!! >w<

Oh mai....nick looks angry....
October 10th, 2009
Huh....what's wrong with going with Nick??? @n@
October 10th, 2009
Lol!! I love the first panel!!! XDDD
October 10th, 2009
Aha, they finally meet in person! >:D ....oh wait...that just ruined my idea for your contest.... ;n; Oh well....I'll think of another one then.....>.<

It's your birthday?!?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D
October 9th, 2009
I love the first panel!!! >w<

I think the color is ok....but it's clearer when you highlight it. The color(which is still blue) stands out more...
Don't worry!!! I'm in the middle of working on my entry!!! :)
September 9th, 2009
Yayyy!!! YOur back! :3
Yeshhh!!! I'm definately gonna enter your contest! >:DDD
August 22nd, 2009
Oooo...a photo... OuO

The contest seems so cool! I'm definately participating! *w*
Awww....he's soo adorable!!! >w<
Lol, he's a puppy yet he's scared of cats! XD
awww...I love the ending!!! >w< make hades and persephone look sooo cute togethor!!!
awww...she's so cute!!! >w<
It's really good!
I hope your tablet starts working well again!

Also, would it be ok if I invited someone?
awww....everybody looks sooo cute!!! >w<