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I likes to draw, write, read, rp, yaoi, and many more.
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Looove himmmmm *touches his face*
lol Poor baby! *noogies him*
lol his hair flips in that second panel! XD Poor baby! Vlad will teach you to read!
Rips off his arm and bitch slaps you from across the ring! lol
You loooove meeee
The flower says you looove meeeee~
This is awesome dude! I'm proud of you!! You can take a break from head shots now! ;D
Yes it does~ *Ships it*
*Le gasp!!* Can't wait to see what happens next ;D
Lol I love Tommys face and Dakes reaction XD
I just love how done Vanity looks in this comic strip lol!
Why have I never commented on this!!! Q A Q *clings* Noiiiir I love you!!!
lol This is me in a nutshell!!
Loved it! Thanks for sharing!! <3
lawwwl Cakie <333
I am colored as Soy~ and I like how I'm the only one that nailed the landing~
I also have to say that I love this, theses past two comic made me laugh! I love the faces!
Omg we have a fan!! ;ue
lol omg~