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That's adorable. :I I still love your drawing style.

Internet needs to be free so everyone can just be happy.
I want to be active, too. :I Lack of creativity leaves me nothing to be active with~
Still testing.
It's 6:08am, right now.. I've been working on this for at least 9 hours straight :I;

I had to shrink it down a lot, so here's the full version:

My first character, Gordan. :I As it says, he's an Army vet whom has fought in war. One particularly bad injury caused need to have his leg amputated below the knee. Other inuries are two bullet wounds and several knife scars from last resort blocking. Don't block knives with your arms, kids.

Also, he doesn't walk around half naked, that's just so you can see his scars and stuff. Also, abs.
He mostly wears simple clothing, like plain T-shirts, usually tucked into his pants.

The bullet to his shoulder messed with his nerves, so that arm constantly feels stiff, making it difficult for him to move it properly.

Now, about his role in the town:
Though he's pretty much retired, he's taken to patrolling the town border and woods at sundown, after the 50th complaint from other townsfolk about things going bump in the night. Though he hasn't found anything yet, and doesn't expect to, he's taken a liking to his nightly strolls.
Heeey, guys, how's it goin'? :I; Whydoesthisplacekeepdying?


:I I probably should've added more to this, but I really just wanted to get a page up.


What's going on:
Kohaku notices Bell trying to sneak by with his stolen goods, and rather than just calling out to get his attention, goes straight to grabbing his tail.

In the silly Minun's defense, Bell would've bolted had he just called out to him.

I also forgot how to draw Minuns, so rather than looking it up, I just winged it..

And. I'm going to get started on a new layout, now, so throw ideas at me.
Hey guuuys. :I My internet kinda died for about 4-5 months around December. (Dad couldn't pay the bill) It's been back up since mid-May, I think, so I should've returned sooner, but I was all distracted with everything. I'm situated back into Smackjeeves, now, and will have a page up soon. :I

Also. That layout will be made.

Don't let me be lazy. :c
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That poor comment, lost forever in the void of derped connections. :c

And. Uhm. Good job, Eros. :D

The title makes me think of this:
I just realized I apparently forgot all about Bell's profile.

I'll fix that.

Name: Bell
Species: Shiny Umbreon
Level: 43
Age: 21
Height: 6'4
Weight: 162 lbs.
Nature: Lax
Special Ability: Synchronize
Attacks: Mean Look - Faint Attack - Moonlight - Shadow Ball
Have a Cowboy Bell for Halloween. :I
I can't get anything drawn whatsoever, so I forced myself to make this.

...On another note, as there's always another note with me, who else has any of the 5th gen Pokemon games? Friend codes, gimme? :I Mine's 5458-7318-5452
Oh, Kohaku. c:

I really need to stop being lazy and draw. :I
And everything else I've shoved into that pile of 'I'll do this later. Maybe.'
Naked time all the time. :I

I kind of forgot halloween exists. And that it's october. Hmm..
Nother question~! :D

Uh. What region are they in? I feel like the answer's likely obvious, but. :c Just making sure.
October 4th, 2012
Mmmph. New chara made. :I That's how bad my art block is. I couldn't even draw the chibi properly. Or feel like coloring it.

Name: Meta (Taken from the japanese name for Ditto 'Metamon'. Means 'to encompass all.')
Weight: 135 lbs
Nature: Bold
Special Ability: Imposter
Attacks: :I He's a ditto. He copies the attack of whoever he's with.
Personality: Pretty much what you'd expect of a ditto. He's constantly trying to get laid, but his clumsiness often gets in the way as he usually just ends up making a fool of himself. His refusal to show his face doesn't help, either.

+Is unable to change his face when transforming, thus always wears a mask so that no one will know what his face looks like either way.
+Despite all his attempts, is still a virgin.
:c I need to do a page too, huh? Bahh...

Well, anyone know of an art program thingy good for making clean sharp lines and such? Photoshop brushes are aaalways a little blurry and I can't stand it.
Maybe I'm just shorter than I thought. xD good luck on revising it~ C:
:D Blue likes. What would he prefer to be referred to as, if not a ghost-type? c:
N'awww~ C: He's adorable~

I've been trying to make a new character, but. I can't seem to draw or make models properly lately, so. :I No progress there.
:D Oh hey, you added Mairin~ Mairiiiiin~

Oh, one thing though. :I; I'm 5'0 and only about head-chest height to someone that's only 5'6 or so. xD; so the heights don't seem completely accurate. I think that's just with Mairin, though. Idunno. :c Ignoreme.
Bahhhh. I might do the layout again. :I I dunno. I've got another layout that's been a work-in-progress for awhile.. lazylazy..