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Newbie webcomic artis, still finding a way to improve my comic. I am disciple of 'story before hoe' so my drawing maybe off or not the best outthere..
something something about indonesian flag
Choose your adventure!
Dunno if anyone reading this, i am planning interactive storytelling where the reader can decide which character story they prefer to see. Floryad has four major charater PoV (will be more), each one has different tone than the others.

Vee - Naive and innoncent floryad

Aisa - Cunning and manipulative, she longing the time before she got 'trashed'

Veryane - Mysterious woman that enslaved by dryad magic, her past is her curse.

???? - Owlice officer that determined to capture Veryane and investigate if Matriach broke the golden forest treaty.
If you read this please give critics or comment, thx!
Special thanks to the grammar correcter
Enjoy your stay!!
@martialbomb: uhh sorry, but what is happening? I never update this comic because i was very busy and then suddenly i got this two massages.. i am really confused... is SJ error again?


Will be back on unknown time.... please give me your opinion about my comic so far!
Next chapter will be more focused on grammar and dialogue, i must defeat my major weakness...
I use 12 hours upload time for some page.. maybe bit too fast?
Nect chapter take times, please enjoy this one!
Need review for 'Floryad' please..
February 19th, 2011
Thanx for reading this comic!
I know so many weakness in here and there, so in preparation for next story i'll take hiatus few weeks to achieve maksimum quality!

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Any critic or plot question please ask me!
January 12th, 2011
Almost reaching arc finale, stay tuned!
Merry xmas!!!

Temporary hiatus until my holiday is over!!
Maybe will be back with 1 week chapter format...