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Hey. Just decided to read this after a super long hiatus from smackjeeves....and wow this comic is addictive and atmospheric! It's not like many of the other comics I've read. Congrats for reaching this far as well.
Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm preparing to go for national service. I will be returning in 2 years from now
Testing another painting style . I'm finally able to set pen pressure on photoshop.
Another side character. Weedman's a former fisherman who turned into ganglife after his transformation.
Another drawing i salvaged from another comic which disappeared.
@ ginkonut : Nice comic. Hey is there anyone else here in singapore that's doing webcomics ?
Had to figure out how to rearrange chapters in smackjeeves.
Apparenty i've read this comic years ago and completely forgotten about it . Worse yet , i did'nt even bother to check if the title was chosen. I won't be changing the title though.
oh no.
@Arc Impulse:oh my lawd you're right.... What's worse was that i even read it at one point sometime ago.Who knows, maybe this comic might be part of their expanded universe.
A possible additional character for the story.Abdiel is a former counter-terrorist agent gone rogue with the intention of uncovering a conspiracy to control the government .

P.s. I have no idea what's this got to do with this storyline. lol .
Hi. If you're reading this . Good for you. I'm doing this comic to test my gesture drawing as well. More pages coming up soon.
Had to do some reposting cause the texts were missing.
Might be doing a project related to animation later on. So expect a hiatus after page 21.
I stopped working on the 3d modelling project in favour of doing this comic and doing some stand-up comedy.
@ demety :I had to change the resolution abit. The following pages are more hardcore . Will be posting them later.
finished mass effect 3. Did a "lets play" video as well. Sorry for the long long delay.
would you be drawing more backgrounds? I'd like to see your version of a post-apocalyptic world.
Hi again. It's not like you guys read this shit so i'm not gonna bother explaining.

But anyway. I'll explain. See i've been busy drawing in the subways and participating in competitions. Not to mention, doing sculpting, animation and matte painting homeworks.

it's a cheap excause , but then again. This whole comic has been an excuse for not doing my school work.

I've just been playing mass effect....

so anyway....

I finally got a story going which revolves around an alien race trying to round up the remainder of the human race. Castor escapes their indocrination in the midst of being transformed , bringing us here.

I also had this dream where I was sentenced to death because i came to work late. So expect that to suddenly creep up halfway through the comic.
Shit i updated the wrong comic ...
the guy with the red eye is castor . He's mute.
Anyway, This comic is blur at times. I'll fix that once i'm more than 40 pages through. I'm drawing with a book at the moment so I've been having trouble scanning them in.