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Lochlan had scars even back then? D:

Well, there go my theories on how he got them.
October 4th, 2011
Oooh! How long ago was this? :D
Lochlan has his bandages even then. How did he get his buuuuurns~?

-ahem- Tatters secretly Luke's twin sister, or something? Who has dramatically run away, only not really?
This comic is so fantastic XD!And the expressions in the last two panels! They're awesome.
We haven't seen her since, like, the first page D:! Or second. know, whatever ><;
*Seriously hoping Snow is a vampire*
You updated!

Your stories and art are made of pure win <3. Please continue to be awesome.
Snuggle his stuff in a non-creepy way, then!

Problem. Solved.
All we need is guitar jammin'.
March 8th, 2011

Your expressions are so nice!
I am slightly disappointed, but this comic is still fantastic :d. It explains why they look alike.
"I would lose my job >>"
"I hate your job D}:<"

I love this comic so far! Good job!
This is so cute so far! Is it appropriate to call it cute? Doin' it anyway! Your art is so fantastic, please continue! XD

Best line ever XD. I'm so happy you're back!
You're baaaaaaack~
I never gave up hope <3

And your new(ish?) style is very cute :D. The last panel~! It made me squee <3
Wait, so, is that a questionable poison cabinet or what? XD

I mean, Sherlock is a (not so) classy gentleman, so of COURSE he'd just have a mysterious cabinet in his room...

Also, the first panel 'pat'ting is funny and sort of cute, even though I feel weird saying that about a smut scene.
They look how I imagined theeeem~!


I especially enjoy your Sherlock design. His face is just so fantastic. I love his nose. <3
I agree! ^_^
He's in a bathtub :D
The only thing I remember is that they're the standard yaoi-couple in this comic :D. Their names matter naught.