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Hooray for fabulous outfit
HOLY CRAP You're back!
*Checks to see if soul is gone*
DAMMIT. That's the 5th time this month.
July 11th, 2012
Haruhi Suzumiya would be pleased.
Somewhat. Well not much at all, since there's no Espers or Time Travellers or something like that.
I like how Viddy's face is totally calm while he's crying.
Thank you for the Fairly Odd Parents reference
Why doesn't Light just run away? And if Flashman can't use his weapon, why doesn't he simply punch Light or something? He does still have a free hand.
Everyone knows bagels are better.
May 16th, 2012
So she doesn't know his name, yet believes it to be epic?
The mafia is a bit...weirder than I thought.
*Gives 10$*
10 Bucks says it's Looker
Can we just say a wizard did it?
This is why I bet 10 dollars.
10 bucks on Elecman.
Hooray for the gay man not in the comic!
Also, spelling error in 6th panel
How would Bass not being based off Megaman be criticism? He clearly stated a few pages ago that the comic does not follow the games(as he had not played them until a year and a half later at this point), so your comment would be based purely on personal opinion. And even then, what's bad about Bass being made before Megaman?