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    Heh, no thanks, you call me Blaze.
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Joey's said "Oh..." to start off everything he's said in the last two pages. Coincidence? Probably.
Awesome! One of my favourite artists gets their comic continued by one of my other favourite artists!
Hell yes, CD.

This should be fantastic.
Urk. I spent the last week or two casually reading Mortifer up from the beginning, and I'm so used to the comics just being there. Now I have to actually wait for updates ;_;
I hit the next button four times before I realized I was caught up >_>

Anyway, this is a fantastic comic, and I applaud your talent, LoP!
Blaze Flame
September 7th, 2007
I like how everyone looks depressed but Blaze, shows his disregard for life.
XD Wow. All though that is a little creepy...

Edit: This avatar is the best I could find...
*shudders* Oh gawd, I'm changing it...
Foolish princesses! You did what they wanted you to! Now the Beanstar is awake! Good thing I have plane tickets out of the country....

But I'm just gonna pretend it always had a mechanical arm.
Blaze Flame
August 3rd, 2007
Happeh Birthday!..I know it's late and I don' care! :D

Anyway, this is a great comic and I shall fav it!
Yay! I fell behind awhile ago and finally caught up! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Curse? I've never had a pokemon with that attack.
Also, I enjoy when I have type advantage, not when the oponent does.
A comic lazily put togheter merely to show where I am with fore shadowing.


Completely humor-free. Enjoy.

Oh and I'm back on SJ, Whoo-Hoo *waves little flag*
I wasn't here for a while so now to comment on missed things...

Nice Newscast, me likey.*claps*

Happy Aniversary...That sounds odd...*hands Shin giant cake* Meh, eat untill you explode!

Cool contest, I might enter if I can get my lazy ass to work...
It looks weird the colors hurt my eyes... Are there colors or am I high?
"My Tails doll sense is tingling!"
Laptop? Almost as creative as Ruph's nickname for me....I am Green Glove guy
I want to join but I don't have a scanner...Damn it....
Terrific, I just read up and these are great.
Hermi-whatty hat?