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hi my name is Geeto Diewari Maximoff but i hate my first and last name so i go by Diewari Karuga. ok so like most ppl my age i have a great love for the following technology, video games, music, anime and such, and art ive done a few sketches of game characters like sonic, shadow , scourge, iori and so on right now im learning to play the guitar and i used to play the violin( going to start again next chance i get). i started making comics in may and i think that my skills although they need lots of work are getting better. I take pride in friendship and the bonds i make with ppl no matter how i meet them and I'm always look to make new friends my favorite colors are black, blue, white and purple i got a crush on this girl ive know for a while ummmmmm i LOVE ME SOME CHICKEN id rather fight than love , im a litener not a talker and well just ur average down to earth kinda guy so if u ever have something to ask feel free and im willing to get to know one and all ( damn this turned out alot longer than i thought ahwell XD ) l8r
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December 10th, 2011
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! SOFTCORE PORN. now that that is out of the way so that how they got their interesting awwww I actually kinda feel sorry for em all (even if sonics an idiot in all of this) *goes and joins the sonamy mob just to be a dick* GET HIM!
I love how all the male cast just wear the same cloths for week on end with out any indication of doing laundry
wait did amy just do an izuna drop? into a skyscraper? BEST.........PAGE.........EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and not even a nice wet pussy a germ infested dry disgusting never gonna be fucked pussy no one dies in a group when your doing HR3 no one pussy
if you cant solo a hunter rank three quest your a pussy
not to be a dick or anything but who in blazes is Maddy slaughter
you did no such thing
i should have never shown zach that pic
no wait I actually want want those sprites I might do a follow up
WITH MY INFINITE AND NEAR GOD LIKE POWERS I CAST THEE SEAV...... away from me cause i dont care for you
its kinda odd that it take web comics for people to give knuckles his props when archie have been knuckles awesome for 14 years just say
*sings* futures mad of virtual insanity now always seem to be govened by this love we have for useless, twisting, our new world technology oh now there is nos sound for we all live underground *stops and looks around* what? I like jamiroquai doesnt mean im a gremlin means im a fan of good music DONT JUDGE ME!
@ akuma
then if so im so game next year i hope
is there gonna be one next year?
THE FUCK IS THIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!