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Mad Proto is mad. Also, I wonder which match is the not randomized one. I have a good idea which one, but probably not.
>Try NOT to fall unconsious when getting off bar and look around.
>Glandor: Accept gift and ask about it.
>Faite: Tell Glandor about your quest and ask him to join you on said quest.
Either or.
Last panel=EPIC WIN!
I like #16.
Wow, first time I have seen this comic for a while and there's blood. AWESOME!
August 14th, 2009
Sonic's going to-*shot in the face*
August 10th, 2009
*helps Gadoink murder Enigma*
Why do people blame the floating man in the sky?
Sephiroth looks awesome. Where did you get those sprites?

@ Jesus Lizard: Shut up.
July 6th, 2009
...Didn't see that coming.
The new banner is awesome, by the way.
*laugh* ...Someone set us up the bomb! XD *smacked to death* Fine, I'll stop.
Holy carp! *joins Luigi, Godmoderncommander, Briianz and Chaos The Hedgehog4444**eats beeping object*
*pops up* What's going on, people?
Why does it seem the robot is wearing clothes?
Sonic getting up there himself seems more likely.
I knew it! Tails didn't change at all!
When all else fails, trip them.
I expect a wall of Koopas and they fire their lazers.
Or a huge lazer.
Hey look. A little baby person.
Wait a second, what's Cobalt's last name?