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Hey there guys! Here is some stuff about me at this very moment!
I'm about to graduate highschool, and only have about 20 days left!(5/7/09) How crazy is that?
Also, I am going to school for Pastry Arts! Hey, did you know that I also draw comics? I'll eventually get them up here as well...
Ha ha. Well, I'll maybe put some stuff down later.
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I had the strangest dream last night that Ed used magic to make Liam little again... I don't even know.
Whoa, look how big he is! XD
Whoa, Dake is a total bamf on this page. I can finally see one of your LS this Saturday yaaaay! Four day weekend off from work. Yesss.
;A; I start work at 11am. ;A;
I don't know if this could be insulting, but if it is I'm sorry. I think your art looks better before it becomes digital. It's so nice. C:
Well now I'm very happy that I could help a little by buying the first chapter. I can't say I can do much more though, considering I have to save my money for school too, but I hope you can get what you need and it works out. C:
Lol, Dake's confession is my favorite so far. XD
Whoa whoa whoa, do want! Expect my order soon.
And by expect it soon, I meant I did it just now. <3 Which might not have been to good an idea for me considering the total lack of space for books...but whatever. CCCCC:
Yay! I was worried for a bit there!
Awww, I want a cute little girl as my daughter too. <3 One can only hope. :)

Wow,that's quite awful of them. Didn't they feel bad for killing a five year old? Geez. But he's still super cute, all little like that. <3
April 3rd, 2010
Funny, I just checked on this since I haven't in a long while, and look at that. Exactly one year from when you posted this. Fun times. :)
You're keeping me on the edge of my seat with this! Ahh!
Geez, people suck if they're asking that. You can find PWP anywhere, so it's so much better to have more plot than porn.
Whoa! Now's the time to search the area for heavy objects within your reach, Ash.
Whoa, you fell into a man-sized hole!? Were you okay? I guess you are now though.
Ha ha, cute.
Yay! I was so happy to see my question answered. This was a lot of fun. :) Kenken's answers are the best. Ever.
D: Oh shit, Ash better run quicker if he's to avoid graby rape hands.
I'm with AncientDancer. I was so excited to see this page and ffffffffffff, it's awesome.