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I'm a loser, maybe also a fish.

I'm also theloserfish on twitter!
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This is looking really good so far! :) I really like the little flairs of each character, like the braid in the hair, and all the colorful eyes. <3 I'm curious to find out more about this white-haired fellah B). Excited to see more!
(Update 2 of 2)
This comic isn't dead, it's just...very sleepy.

(I'm sorry) Also look, it's Justin, do people even remember him?

Responses to prev. page:
@Celandine: I'M SORRY, I didn't mean to get you excited and then disappear again.
@Slayernice: YES! I really enjoy working there, I really hope I'm here for a long time B)
@Yaaa: Bluuuuhhh I'm sorry I disappeared again...
@Clouds.Of.Rabbits: You are so sweet, thank you! And I'm hoping to find a new position here, I'm trying to find openings on other shows and all that. Hopefully it'll work out! B)
@ToxicBreeze: Thank you! I also grew up on the 90's cartoons so it's still a little surreal. So many experiences and knowledges!! GASP I'M SO SORRY THAT YOU COMMENTED SO LONG AGO, I do remember you mentioning you were working on a comic. I'll totally check them out, I hope I'm not too late! ;A;
@Subaru: If Fruitloop wants to be Danny's lover, he's got to get with his friends, as the Spice Girls say, haha. And thank you! Despite Fairly Oddparents being on the floor below me for a while, I never really got to know any of them.
@Synnub: Sad sad puppy is now a glad glad puppy.
@XNightingale: AW SHUCKS <3 Thank you!
@miikarenn: Thank you so much! And yeah, I did major in 2D animation. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me on here or on tumblr, haha!
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Danny is weak! So weak! And hopefully, fingers crossed! :> Hope you've been doing well, my dear!
@redleaveshavefallen: Thank you! It's the best job I've ever had, haha. And oh gosh! Thank you for liking my dumb drawings hahaha <3
@senor_pena: Downbeat's gonna eventually just kickflip into the sun and die just to escape Fruitloops come-ons. ALSO GOSH I'm behind on your drawing, I am so sorry. I need to e-mail you back with it soon.
@Rapture38: Bro I'm glad you like it!
@Kwami: He is a subtle snake.
@T: OH GOSH! I'm glad you liked it enough to keep going, haha. Thank you!
(Update 1 of 2)
Another page up in a moment!
Double Update! (2 of 2)
FIRST OFF, I'm so sorry I haven't been updating. I am behind on LITERALLY EVERYTHING (cry), but am trying to get all caught up. I have no plans on leaving this comic, and I still love to work on it! One of the main reasons I haven't been around as much is-

As some of you might already know, about a month ago I got a job at Nickelodeon! It's a much different job than any I've ever had, and while it's a lot of work I really enjoy it. (Although the position I acquired will be ending sometime mid Dec-early Jan -cry-). But I think I finally have a good grasp on my life right now and updates should be a little more regular! Hopefully one day soon, Danny will make it to that zoo.

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive! You are all great <3

Responses to comments on pg. 8:
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: He is a mega dork!! (BTW, I haven't forgotten your pics, they should be ready for you tomorrow sometime B) I'll message you then huehue)
@JinxazuMarai: He is a sucker for the fluffy animals!
@ToxicBreeze: Can't stop won't stop B)
@Elizabethxo: The zoo is, you could say, his happy place!
@Synnub: Everybody likes animals. Except the people who don't.
@Slayernice: Fruitloop has a lot of anxieties.
@senor_pena: OH GOD! Mr. Downbeat...would you do it with a would, wouldn't you, you dirty giraffe fucker.
@Subaru: HAHA </3 Poor Danny, the biggest nerd of them all.
@Cloud-Kitsune: He loves being surrounded by cute animals, thats for sure!
@M.Yuu: YEAH-YUH. Love all them animals.
@polarcomics: YEAH HAHA
@nena: I'm so glad you like it! Sorry for the wait <3
@I Just: They are a bunch of weenies B)
@toria0928: all the fluffy babies!
@Raybundo: AWE!! Thank you so much! I hope I can update more often soon, too. I think I should be able to get on a schedule soon! I really appreciate your understanding and that you like it so much, it means a lot to me <3
@plsupdate: LOL oh gosh, thank you <3
Double Update! (1 of 2)
Next page up in a moment!
Double Update (2 of 2)
Thank you for reading, I know this comic doesn't update as much as it could. BUT THANK YOU I LOVE YOU

Also marriage equality was just passed on a national scale here in the US :>. A good day.

Responses to pg 6:
@ToxicBreeze: That Alan isa mixed-up pup :0.
@Soxry: Aww, shucks! Thank you!
@RweyLing: Haha! He's getting kind of used to it, I think.
@Fattpanda360: LOL it's totally cool! A lot of people read him as a stoner at first, it makes sense! Also gosh, thank you so much <3
@Slayernice: ABORT! ABORT! And yep! The background needed a change B)
@Subaru: HAHA! Basically :P
@BrinanaPudding: Oh gosh! Thank you so much!! <xD <3
Double Update (1 of 2)
Next page up in a sec!
AAAHHHH! Thank you so much, buddy! You are such a nice person, too good for me, haha!

You da best <3
A somewhat uneventful page! Thank you for reading u3u

@ViragoWerewolf: AWWW yiss ;)
@Slayernice: He's fighting it!!!
@GaryGuest: Whoooo! B)
@ToxicBreeze: I love how much you ship them!!! ;) I KNOW WEHHHH!!! For me it's been 7...we gettin' so old........cry.
@katya11: Duuude, I TOTALLY get you on that! I have quite the multishipping side myself u3u
@senor_pena: IF ONLY FRUITLOOP HAD THOUGHT OF THAT!! I think Danny probably would be impressed ;D.
@Subaru: YES!! OH MY GOSH! :') It's SO PERFECT! <3
Double Update (2 of 2)
This comic is delay central, thank you guys for sticking around! (One day things will go steady again........-stares off into the distance-)

Responses to comments on page 3:
@JinxazuMarai: She sure did!
@ToxicBreeze: These young 'uns and their angst! (I know the feeling though, I'm trying my best to remember what high school was like for this but I'm getting old...cry)
@RweyLing: Thank you!
@Synnub: I know, right??? Hugs are pretty raunchy, be careful kids.
@Slayernice: Heather is the kind of person who can be mean if they're tired, unfortunately :\
@Subaru: (it is true, it's very true)
@Labuu: Definitely! Some people don't want to start anywhere and that's fine too.
@Diseasedface: I'm glad to see you! :D I hope you've been well! <3
Double Update (1 of 2)
Another page on it's way!
Heather is the friend who blurts things out without thinking about it.

@Soxry: He is the type of mayor that hits villagers he doesn't like with nets and plants pitfalls all around their house. Aside from that he's probably a good mayor!
@ToxicBreeze: He is verrrrryyy desperate.
@Synnub: That is very true, what good is a pile of salt to the pursuit of boys? He needs to cut back. I donnnn't think the KK shirt was very obvious in the previous page, I think it was covered up. So no woorrries :P
@inclusit: It totally happens! Paranoia is a pain in the butt, I'm glad you can relate to the little space baby :P
@Cloud-Kitsune: I want a KK shirt too!
@StandBy: Awwww, haha, I'm glad <3
@snuggleofdeathplease: I feel like that describes the comic pretty well! Happy and also somewhat frightening and confusing :P. Thank you for reading! <3
@Subaru: Ohoho, I am alive! Barely, but alive har har. Poor little baby Fruitloop.
@Potato_San: OH GOSH! I'm glad you like them ;P
@Guest: Gaaaaaaaawwwwd!
@garytheguest: Awe, shucks, thank you! I appreciate you coming out of the shadows to say so, it's always nice to hear! <3
Ariel is the only one in a good mood right now.

Hey, if anyone is interested, I'm finally using my twitter. It is .

@Artzyl: Oh gosh, thank you so much! ;A; <3
@ViragoWerewolf: I'm happy to be back!
@HarlequinLove: I felt that the bg needed to make you feel like a rainbow threw up all over you. Thank you so much for reading my dear! <3
@redleaveshavefallen: LOL I actually really like looking up different outfits for everybody, haha. To me giving them their own wardrobes is really fun! And oh gosh, thank you! <3
@Slayernice: The smiley god hasn't eaten me yet, but it's been trying!
@Synnub: I like Heather in a ponytail too! And that boy is just going to turn into a literal pile of salt one day.
@Izora Liddel: Thank you my dear! <333
@ToxicBreeze: Thank you so much! :> <3 And yeah, that boy is a little touchy.
@Cupcake Lord: Thank you! <3 And yeah, haha! I love how the term salty is gaining popularity.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: AAAaAAAaAH I AM! <3
@glitchedout: I believe you can buy it topic? I keep a bunch of clothes refs on my comp.
@Herp: The rainbow goddess puked all over me! I was inspired!
@senor_pena: OH NO, THE GIRLS ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Poor Fruitloop.
@Amoeba: Thaaaank you! <3
Sorry about the delay!
Hey guys! The new chapter is finally starting, I'll admit this last month has been busy and I am behind on everything. I hope for a productive month! And a special thank you especially to those who have donated to the patreon, even in my absence. I really appreciate it and will make up for it!

Also you may have noticed the site changed a little bit. I still have a few things to do on it, but I'll fix it when I have time.

Thank you for reading, and for being patient with me!
New Chapter!
Sorry this took so long! Page 1 up in a sec!
Update 5 of 5
Okay, the bonus chapter is done! I have a few things that I must do and then it's on to chapter 5 B)

Sorry if this bonus chapter was a little weird, but I guess it's no weirder than chapter 4. Maybe it's not weird enough. Maybe.

Thank you for reading! <33

Responses to comments on page...07:
@Slayernice: With the way these three react to everything, they should all make wills :O.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: POOR CRAZY BEBES
@Synnub: It would’ve taken me a long time to make anyways!
@muura: ehehe
@MegaAnimeFreak7: I’m glad it could make you laugh out loud for realsies u3u
@esmewho: Heather can at times be unpredictable. She is the wild card.
@ChizuPloo: It does help to simplify it a bit, for comics. Though I think if you have a more detailed style it’s okay as long as you make sure you have a good system, I guess, and come up with tricks to help make things easier I guess?
@mitchellbravo: Oh gosh, thank you <333
@Forbidden_Requiem: It’s okay! I hope you are doing okay, too u3u.
I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Responses to comments on page 5:
@Artzyl: It's all your fault, Fruitloop gosh darn it!
@Izora Liddel: Oh gosh, thank you so much! *v* <3
@WhiteTigerCubMia: panic everywhere!
@Synnub: It's supppposed to be some sort of no-bake modeling clay or something, but I will say it would probably be expensive to have that much of it.
@senor_pena: She certainly fucked up, that's for sure!
@RweyLing: Haha! <3 Fruitloop's day would be made, that's for sure!
@Slayernice: Too late!
@ChizuPloo: Oh gosh, thank you! I appreciate how understanding you are. I definitley don't plan on letting the comic die, it's nice to know people like you support it :) <3.
Another page will be up momentarily!
Well, to be fair she did trip on your backpack, Fruitloop
Doodly doo thanks for reading I love you

@Yumimarie: Unfortunately pretty much everyone in this comic is kind of an idiot!
@Synnub: Thank you! Uguu <3
@Subaru: I still got in trouble for doing too poorly, but I hate to imagine how it would've been. I feel bad for my parents, my older sister, me, and my younger brother all could have done way better in school. Junior year of high school I finally got the hang of it and did well. Luckily I have a younger sister who is still in school and she's doing great, so at least my parents got one consistently good student! I guess everyone's experience with that is pretty different. And haha, I don't think any of them would be that great at sculpting! Maybe Piper but there's no way she'd be called over!
@ChewFins: *sexy saxophone music plays*
@Slayernice: Heather will have ways of finding her, it may take days, weeks, maybe even years but oh, she'll find her!
@Regina: I'd be pretty pissed if my project partner face planted into something due soon, that's for sure.
@Dumah: S;D
Double Update! (2 of 2)
I suck you guys, I'm sorry.

Responses to page 2:
@ChewFins: Oh gosh, I'm sorry your parents are against you drawing :\ that really sucks!
@Synnub: I guess so! You're too cool, haha. Everything makes me a little anxious.
@Standby: You know it!
@Subaru: Yeah, parents can get obsessed with that sort of thing. Luckily for me my older sister failed a lot of stuff and set the bar kind of low for me, haha! And TOO LATE OH NO!
@esmewho: Haha! :D