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I'm a loser, maybe also a fish.

I'm also theloserfish on twitter!

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Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
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Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 08 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 26 Jun 2015 12:09 pm
Double Update (2 of 2)
Thank you for reading, I know this comic doesn't update as much as it could. BUT THANK YOU I LOVE YOU

Also marriage equality was just passed on a national scale here in the US :>. A good day.

Responses to pg 6:
@ToxicBreeze: That Alan isa mixed-up pup :0.
@Soxry: Aww, shucks! Thank you!
@RweyLing: Haha! He's getting kind of used to it, I think.
@Fattpanda360: LOL it's totally cool! A lot of people read him as a stoner at first, it makes sense! Also gosh, thank you so much <3
@Slayernice: ABORT! ABORT! And yep! The background needed a change B)
@Subaru: HAHA! Basically :P
@BrinanaPudding: Oh gosh! Thank you so much!! <xD <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 07 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 26 Jun 2015 12:07 pm
Double Update (1 of 2)
Next page up in a sec!
loserfish, 07 Jun 2015 02:25 am
AAAHHHH! Thank you so much, buddy! You are such a nice person, too good for me, haha!

You da best <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 06 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 23 May 2015 04:08 am
A somewhat uneventful page! Thank you for reading u3u

@ViragoWerewolf: AWWW yiss ;)
@Slayernice: He's fighting it!!!
@GaryGuest: Whoooo! B)
@ToxicBreeze: I love how much you ship them!!! ;) I KNOW WEHHHH!!! For me it's been 7...we gettin' so old........cry.
@katya11: Duuude, I TOTALLY get you on that! I have quite the multishipping side myself u3u
@senor_pena: IF ONLY FRUITLOOP HAD THOUGHT OF THAT!! I think Danny probably would be impressed ;D.
@Subaru: YES!! OH MY GOSH! :') It's SO PERFECT! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 05 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 08 May 2015 02:53 am
Double Update (2 of 2)
This comic is delay central, thank you guys for sticking around! (One day...one day things will go steady again........-stares off into the distance-)

Responses to comments on page 3:
@JinxazuMarai: She sure did!
@ToxicBreeze: These young 'uns and their angst! (I know the feeling though, I'm trying my best to remember what high school was like for this but I'm getting old...cry)
@RweyLing: Thank you!
@Synnub: I know, right??? Hugs are pretty raunchy, be careful kids.
@Slayernice: Heather is the kind of person who can be mean if they're tired, unfortunately :\
@Subaru: (it is true, it's very true)
@Labuu: Definitely! Some people don't want to start anywhere and that's fine too.
@Diseasedface: I'm glad to see you! :D I hope you've been well! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 04 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 08 May 2015 02:51 am
Double Update (1 of 2)
Another page on it's way!
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 03 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 Apr 2015 12:38 am
Heather is the friend who blurts things out without thinking about it.

@Soxry: He is the type of mayor that hits villagers he doesn't like with nets and plants pitfalls all around their house. Aside from that he's probably a good mayor!
@ToxicBreeze: He is verrrrryyy desperate.
@Synnub: That is very true, what good is a pile of salt to the pursuit of boys? He needs to cut back. I donnnn't think the KK shirt was very obvious in the previous page, I think it was covered up. So no woorrries :P
@inclusit: It totally happens! Paranoia is a pain in the butt, I'm glad you can relate to the little space baby :P
@Cloud-Kitsune: I want a KK shirt too!
@StandBy: Awwww, haha, I'm glad <3
@snuggleofdeathplease: I feel like that describes the comic pretty well! Happy and also somewhat frightening and confusing :P. Thank you for reading! <3
@Subaru: Ohoho, I am alive! Barely, but alive har har. Poor little baby Fruitloop.
@Potato_San: OH GOSH! I'm glad you like them ;P
@Guest: Gaaaaaaaawwwwd!
@garytheguest: Awe, shucks, thank you! I appreciate you coming out of the shadows to say so, it's always nice to hear! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 02 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 17 Mar 2015 05:51 pm
Ariel is the only one in a good mood right now.

Hey, if anyone is interested, I'm finally using my twitter. It is https://twitter.com/theloserfish .

@Artzyl: Oh gosh, thank you so much! ;A; <3
@ViragoWerewolf: I'm happy to be back!
@HarlequinLove: I felt that the bg needed to make you feel like a rainbow threw up all over you. Thank you so much for reading my dear! <3
@redleaveshavefallen: LOL I actually really like looking up different outfits for everybody, haha. To me giving them their own wardrobes is really fun! And oh gosh, thank you! <3
@Slayernice: The smiley god hasn't eaten me yet, but it's been trying!
@Synnub: I like Heather in a ponytail too! And that boy is just going to turn into a literal pile of salt one day.
@Izora Liddel: Thank you my dear! <333
@ToxicBreeze: Thank you so much! :> <3 And yeah, that boy is a little touchy.
@Cupcake Lord: Thank you! <3 And yeah, haha! I love how the term salty is gaining popularity.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: AAAaAAAaAH I AM! <3
@glitchedout: I believe you can buy it at...hot topic? I keep a bunch of clothes refs on my comp.
@Herp: The rainbow goddess puked all over me! I was inspired!
@senor_pena: OH NO, THE GIRLS ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Poor Fruitloop.
@Amoeba: Thaaaank you! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 01 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 02 Mar 2015 01:01 am
Sorry about the delay!
Hey guys! The new chapter is finally starting, I'll admit this last month has been busy and I am behind on everything. I hope for a productive month! And a special thank you especially to those who have donated to the patreon, even in my absence. I really appreciate it and will make up for it!

Also you may have noticed the site changed a little bit. I still have a few things to do on it, but I'll fix it when I have time.

Thank you for reading, and for being patient with me!
Comment on Chapter 05 - Zoo Zoo of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 02 Mar 2015 12:57 am
New Chapter!
Sorry this took so long! Page 1 up in a sec!

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