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I'm a loser, maybe also a fish.

I'm also theloserfish on twitter!

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Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat-
Chapter 4 --- thumbnails, rough drafts and final drafts all going on at the same time.

Hiatus, will probably be on hiatus for a long time, if it ever comes back. Will also be redone.

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Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
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Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 03 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 Apr 2015 12:38 am
Heather is the friend who blurts things out without thinking about it.

@Soxry: He is the type of mayor that hits villagers he doesn't like with nets and plants pitfalls all around their house. Aside from that he's probably a good mayor!
@ToxicBreeze: He is verrrrryyy desperate.
@Synnub: That is very true, what good is a pile of salt to the pursuit of boys? He needs to cut back. I donnnn't think the KK shirt was very obvious in the previous page, I think it was covered up. So no woorrries :P
@inclusit: It totally happens! Paranoia is a pain in the butt, I'm glad you can relate to the little space baby :P
@Cloud-Kitsune: I want a KK shirt too!
@StandBy: Awwww, haha, I'm glad <3
@snuggleofdeathplease: I feel like that describes the comic pretty well! Happy and also somewhat frightening and confusing :P. Thank you for reading! <3
@Subaru: Ohoho, I am alive! Barely, but alive har har. Poor little baby Fruitloop.
@Potato_San: OH GOSH! I'm glad you like them ;P
@Guest: Gaaaaaaaawwwwd!
@garytheguest: Awe, shucks, thank you! I appreciate you coming out of the shadows to say so, it's always nice to hear! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 02 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 17 Mar 2015 05:51 pm
Ariel is the only one in a good mood right now.

Hey, if anyone is interested, I'm finally using my twitter. It is https://twitter.com/theloserfish .

@Artzyl: Oh gosh, thank you so much! ;A; <3
@ViragoWerewolf: I'm happy to be back!
@HarlequinLove: I felt that the bg needed to make you feel like a rainbow threw up all over you. Thank you so much for reading my dear! <3
@redleaveshavefallen: LOL I actually really like looking up different outfits for everybody, haha. To me giving them their own wardrobes is really fun! And oh gosh, thank you! <3
@Slayernice: The smiley god hasn't eaten me yet, but it's been trying!
@Synnub: I like Heather in a ponytail too! And that boy is just going to turn into a literal pile of salt one day.
@Izora Liddel: Thank you my dear! <333
@ToxicBreeze: Thank you so much! :> <3 And yeah, that boy is a little touchy.
@Cupcake Lord: Thank you! <3 And yeah, haha! I love how the term salty is gaining popularity.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: AAAaAAAaAH I AM! <3
@glitchedout: I believe you can buy it at...hot topic? I keep a bunch of clothes refs on my comp.
@Herp: The rainbow goddess puked all over me! I was inspired!
@senor_pena: OH NO, THE GIRLS ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Poor Fruitloop.
@Amoeba: Thaaaank you! <3
Comment on Chapter 05 - Page 01 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 02 Mar 2015 01:01 am
Sorry about the delay!
Hey guys! The new chapter is finally starting, I'll admit this last month has been busy and I am behind on everything. I hope for a productive month! And a special thank you especially to those who have donated to the patreon, even in my absence. I really appreciate it and will make up for it!

Also you may have noticed the site changed a little bit. I still have a few things to do on it, but I'll fix it when I have time.

Thank you for reading, and for being patient with me!
Comment on Chapter 05 - Zoo Zoo of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 02 Mar 2015 12:57 am
New Chapter!
Sorry this took so long! Page 1 up in a sec!
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 12 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 29 Dec 2014 12:36 am
Update 5 of 5
Okay, the bonus chapter is done! I have a few things that I must do and then it's on to chapter 5 B)

Sorry if this bonus chapter was a little weird, but I guess it's no weirder than chapter 4. Maybe it's not weird enough. Maybe.

Thank you for reading! <33

Responses to comments on page...07:
@Slayernice: With the way these three react to everything, they should all make wills :O.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: POOR CRAZY BEBES
@Synnub: It wouldíve taken me a long time to make anyways!
@muura: ehehe
@MegaAnimeFreak7: Iím glad it could make you laugh out loud for realsies u3u
@esmewho: Heather can at times be unpredictable. She is the wild card.
@ChizuPloo: It does help to simplify it a bit, for comics. Though I think if you have a more detailed style itís okay as long as you make sure you have a good system, I guess, and come up with tricks to help make things easier I guess?
@mitchellbravo: Oh gosh, thank you <333
@Forbidden_Requiem: Itís okay! I hope you are doing okay, too u3u.
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 07 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 Dec 2014 05:14 pm
I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Responses to comments on page 5:
@Artzyl: It's all your fault, Fruitloop gosh darn it!
@Izora Liddel: Oh gosh, thank you so much! *v* <3
@WhiteTigerCubMia: panic everywhere!
@Synnub: It's supppposed to be some sort of no-bake modeling clay or something, but I will say it would probably be expensive to have that much of it.
@senor_pena: She certainly fucked up, that's for sure!
@RweyLing: Haha! <3 Fruitloop's day would be made, that's for sure!
@Slayernice: Too late!
@ChizuPloo: Oh gosh, thank you! I appreciate how understanding you are. I definitley don't plan on letting the comic die, it's nice to know people like you support it :) <3.
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 06 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 Dec 2014 05:13 pm
Another page will be up momentarily!
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 05 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 23 Nov 2014 08:29 pm
Well, to be fair she did trip on your backpack, Fruitloop
Doodly doo thanks for reading I love you

@Yumimarie: Unfortunately pretty much everyone in this comic is kind of an idiot!
@Synnub: Thank you! Uguu <3
@Subaru: I still got in trouble for doing too poorly, but I hate to imagine how it would've been. I feel bad for my parents, my older sister, me, and my younger brother all could have done way better in school. Junior year of high school I finally got the hang of it and did well. Luckily I have a younger sister who is still in school and she's doing great, so at least my parents got one consistently good student! I guess everyone's experience with that is pretty different. And haha, I don't think any of them would be that great at sculpting! Maybe Piper but there's no way she'd be called over!
@ChewFins: *sexy saxophone music plays*
@Slayernice: Heather will have ways of finding her, it may take days, weeks, maybe even years but oh, she'll find her!
@Regina: I'd be pretty pissed if my project partner face planted into something due soon, that's for sure.
@Dumah: S;D
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 04 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 20 Nov 2014 07:22 pm
Double Update! (2 of 2)
I suck you guys, I'm sorry.

Responses to page 2:
@ChewFins: Oh gosh, I'm sorry your parents are against you drawing :\ that really sucks!
@Synnub: I guess so! You're too cool, haha. Everything makes me a little anxious.
@Standby: You know it!
@Subaru: Yeah, parents can get obsessed with that sort of thing. Luckily for me my older sister failed a lot of stuff and set the bar kind of low for me, haha! And TOO LATE OH NO!
@esmewho: Haha! :D
Comment on Bonus Chapter 01 - Page 03 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 20 Nov 2014 07:20 pm
Double Update! (1 of 2)
Next page up in a moment.

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