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I'm some filthy recent art school graduate that works as a cashier for a superstore run by an evil smiley face. I'm kind of a loser!

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Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat-
Chapter 4 --- thumbnails, rough drafts and final drafts all going on at the same time.

Hiatus, will probably be on hiatus for a long time, if it ever comes back. Will also be redone.

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Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
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Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 43 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 22 Jul 2014 12:50 am
2 part update (2 of 2)
The dumb saga continues...
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 42 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 22 Jul 2014 12:46 am
2 part update (1 of 2)
So I went out of state and then moved (again! but this time just down the street). Blah blah blah.

Thank you for still reading!

ToxicBreeze: They might be the dumbest of cults! Danny is a giant weenie though. And apparently afraid of the occult. Pffft, it’s just a crazed group of bobble-headed cultist’s about to do a sacrifice, nothing to be scared of Danny-boy.
@Slayernice: They take themselves very seriously, they are one with the rollback.
@RweyLing: He is! He is actually a tiny little baby. Good thing Fruitloop lacks a fear gland.
@Cloud-Kitsune: It’s a mystery wooohohohoho. But yeah, Mr. Downbeat is a weenie. (though I’d probably run away too.)
@Lolinglady: OMG that would be hilarious and mildly terrifying! I wonder if wearing a head that big would be uncomfortable.
@TheImpatientOne: He’s a card, that bowl of fruitloops.
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Haha! Fruitloop lacks empathy and Danny wants to help but is a fraidy-cat.
@senor_pena: Oh man, I need to watch Game of Thrones…I’ve watched the south park episodes that are KINDA about game of thrones but…SIGH ANOTHER THING I NEED TO WATCH/DO. CRY. And Fruitloop would be the one to enthusiastically donate to a cult.
@Synnub: I wonder if this will be a trend, haha! If you keep guessing right, I will crown you the…Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat prophet…?? And Alan reeeeaaally should try to care a little bit. That guy.
@PKComics: Awwww Danny is a pwecious widdle baby…
@LISA: PFFPGNKDFGNDE it probably won’t be as funny as you remember wehh
@Subaru: Of course I remember you!! <3 No worries, my dear! I couldn’t hold that against you, especially when I hardly update! ;A; Thank you for coming back! How Fruitloop is currently acting would definitely not be pleasant to be around in real life. They both will have moments where they’re not particularly pleasant, I suppose! I’m glad you enjoy it in the fiction, though, it’s always weird when a character does things that go against things we feel are okay but we somehow end up liking them the same or even more! And you’re definitely onto something with the Piper/Fruitloop dynamic! His only real beef with her is that he sees her as a threat, but if that was removed they would probably get along fine. And uh, yeah…uh, it’s a wal-mart cult.
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 41 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 10 Jun 2014 03:22 am
Update update update!

@Slayernice: Anything can happen at a mart. Mart Madness!
@ToxicBreeze: Haha! And it’s a pretty dumb cult, is what it is!
@Cave: Spoooky scary!
@M-24: This kind of weird is a sometimes kind of weird, so you’ll see it again but not for a while!
@Synnub: You’re pretty on target, actually, haha!
@esmewho: Cult-ey things, I guess!
@Tailswish: It’s totally in her contract, gotta read that fine print!
@miikarenn: They’re concerned but not so concerned to really do anything about it.
@Vindictive bassoon: FFFFFFFFF!
@anime8snowman: Where is it going, I wonder.
@senor_pena: NOT THE TODDLERS! The rollback god prefers infants, you fool!
@LISA: GET OUTTA HERE, nnnnnEEEEeeeRD. (it’s not like I like you or anything, b-baka).
@3o-s-knight: AAAAAAAHHH! It’s a mystery ;D
@Diseasedface: Bbz I am glad you are amused u3u. And it is very much so a cult. The cultiest of cults.
Comment on Chapter 6 Page 34 of My Two Cents, Plus Tax.
loserfish, 06 Jun 2014 08:35 pm
Sanders, Sanders, Sanders........

With Sanders...

Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 40 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 03 Jun 2014 12:27 am

@esmewho: He is a smooth fruitloop, always with his best interests in mind.
@Slayernice: Poor girl in the brownish sweater was next in line, she has looked truly into darkness.
@senor_pena: Honestly you aren’t super far off! And mmmm, the demon incarnation of baked goods…I’m sure Danny and Alan would make great cakes.
@M-24: A very poorly done Scooby-doo, perhaps!
@ToxicBreeze: Danny is sometimes so flabbergasted, he can’t even comprehend!
@DarkArtistSkye47: No, no he is not. He expected to be serviced in a fast in friendly manner but his cashier is a sack of flour. Nothing can calm the fire in his soul!
@TheImpatientOne: Haha! Oh Mr. Downbeat, you got the stupid end…
@Synnub: Danny is an A+ decent human being, every so often, anyways! And yeah, he’s really not taking the cashier’s transformation very well.
@Aysan1: Fruitloop would help her if he liked her, but sad truth is Fruitloop just doesn’t like many people! Silly Fruitloop.
@Diseasedface:The mystery gets solved actually pretty fast, haha!
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 39 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 22 May 2014 06:06 am
I don't even.

@senor_pena: Haha! I think we should all have a flour doppleganger.
@ToxicBreeze: I know, I somehow didn’t even think about that it would look like they took off her shirt! It’s definitely not my brightest moment. Nope nope.
@Slayernice: I somehow didn’t think about how it would come off that way, it’s a duplicate shirt!
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Unfortunately they paid just beforehand! They almost got free groceries! So close! X3
@miikarenn: I want to draw him walking around as a literal fruit loop now. With little stick legs.
@Synnub: Being a were-flour sack sounds rather inconvenient! Good thing it only happens during rare supermarket blackouts. And oh gosh, haha, thanks! I think that page came out pretty alright somehow, though I’m not sure what was done different! Ahhh, art…
@TheImpatientOne: Mwahahaha!
@Cakenstein: Hahaha!
@esmewho: That’s definitely a super-power that I would want!
@Aysan1: That guy, Fruitloop...
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 38 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 May 2014 02:02 am
@Kaminori: Oh jeez! I didn't even think about that! It's a duplicate shirt, no one took off her shirt, I promise!
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 38 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 01 May 2014 01:52 am
Fruitloop, Fruitloop, Fruitloop...

@Synnub: That’s his excuse, anyways!
@miikarenn: Oh man! Thank you!! To be a favorite thing, how did this happen, I am so lucky. And you may be right!
@ToxicBreeze: Yeah, it’s a frustrating thing! I think any story writer feels that way, they’re always antsy about getting to some part in the future. AND OH GOSH, Diper or Panny, both are objects you can cover your crotchal area. AHAHAhahaha I love it, oh my gosh.
@Slayernice: Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!
@TheImpatientOne: That guy would have a super-spy network, crazy kid!
@coco: Super fearless!!
@esmewho: Perhaps! S:O
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 37 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 22 Apr 2014 04:04 am
Double Update! (2 of 2)
Thank you all for reading this silly comic! Also I received a super duper cute fanart of Derek and Rodney from Neurotic Soul Gobbler, you should all bask in it's cuteness over at the the fan stuff page! It's super duper cute!! <3 *swoon*

(the story gets a little bizarre from here out so uh, I apologize)
Responses from page 35:
@Zebrakindom: Ohohohoh!
@RweyLing: Don’t worry! Every character will pull the short straw on occasion!
@Slayernice: Definitely not a good first impression that’s for sure!
@Synnub: I-I must have a lot of character. So many hiccups! I appreciate your and everyone’s support, though, it’s always really encouraging!
@ToxicBreeze: *hyperventilates* Everyone is so nice to this comic, how did this happen. I really appreciate it, though! I just really want to get the story moving, but it isn’t always realistically plausible and it makes me sad. AND EHEHEHE. I just realized one of the shipping names for DannyxPiper would be Diper. Sounds like diaper!
@Diseasedface: He is the jelly-est of the jelly in the jelly aisle!
@JinxazuMarai: Sass-off, commence!
@TheImpatientOne: Only time will tell if murder will occur.
@Twinkel13: Very much jelly! A lot of jelly.
@senor_pena: Enough waffles to fill up a large bath tub, my friend.
@Guest: I hope you’ll like her more later! If not, everyone has their preferences!
@3o-s-knight: Mr. Downbeat is a blushy-pants! And oh gosh, thank you!! I need to catch up on your comic, I’m a little behind and that makes me sad because it is my favorite :’)
Comment on Chapter 04 - Page 36 of Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat
loserfish, 22 Apr 2014 04:01 am
Double Update! (1 of 2)
Double update!!! Second one coming up in just a moment.

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